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Oh, yoga—the beautiful fine line between strengthening your body and relaxing it. Yoga has become increasingly popular these days due to the many benefits that it brings. If you are planning to do yoga practice for the first time, have you decided yet which type of yoga is the best for you?

As you may know, yoga is a diverse type of workout. Over time it has developed many styles and variations that cater to different needs of the human mind and body. However, not all yoga styles are fit for beginners. Some yoga classes involve doing movements that are far more challenging and complicated than a yoga newbie can handle. This is why you need to carefully assess which style of yoga is a great way to welcome you to the practice.

If you’re having a hard time deciding, don’t worry! We have prepared an answer for you. When it comes to beginning yoga practitioners, ashtanga yoga is the best. This yoga class, like many other yoga types and classes, provide so many benefits that the mind and body need. However, the poses and the overall structure of this class are more optimal to the capability of first-timers.

Still not convinced that ashtanga yoga class is the best yoga for beginners? Let us help prove to you why it is.

What is ashtanga yoga?

Ashtanga is a style of yoga wherein you will be doing a progressive series of yoga poses synchronized with breathing techniques. The sequence of movements being done in ashtanga yoga produces internal body heat and as a result, improves our physical and mental strength as well as our blood circulation.

The practice of ashtanga actually involves a primary series which is known as yoga therapy. The goal of this sequence is to help prevent the body from having any physical issues or health-related problems. Additionally, it’s also very helpful towards the improvement of the mental state of an individual. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

If you are new to Ashtanga yoga, it would be a great way for you to start immersing yourself in the course of yoga for the first time.

Why is ashtanga the best yoga for beginners?

There are plenty of yoga classes in Singapore to choose from. However, some are too advanced for beginners. As a new member of the yoga industry, it is highly recommended that you try taking an ashtanga yoga class to get started! It’s possible that you might be intrigued by other yoga styles, but check out some carefully pointed out reasons below why ashtanga yoga is the best style of yoga for beginners:

It’s a self-practice

Ashtanga yoga is considered a self-practice yoga. What does that mean? Simply to say, you get to do yoga practice at your own pace. Ashtanga is traditionally taught using the Mysore style wherein students get to learn at their own pace within a group setting. Mysore style classes are a better fit for beginners compared to led classes.

This type of yoga is a progressive workout that strengthens the body and relaxes the mind. The movements may be quite challenging to learn sometimes especially for beginners who usually feel too intimated to try them. That is why in this type of class, yoga teachers are more involved in guiding you. They can first teach you the sun salutations and proper breathing techniques and then you can try and master them on your own.

Learning at your own pace

You get to learn the poses and the movements without any pressure. Every student has his or her own learning pace, so keep in mind that you do not have to compare your progress to others. Taking ashtanga yoga classes does not require you to progress at a fast rate. If you improve way faster than you expected, then good. If not, there’s no need to beat yourself up for it.

Learning takes time and dedication. Just keep going until you get it. Besides, everybody else around you are probably experiencing the same thing.

Solid individual support from the yoga teacher

As mentioned above, you will be thoroughly guided by a yoga instructor during the class. Usually, during yoga classes, the yoga instructor is too preoccupied giving out instructions to the entire class to even have time to focus on each student. However, in ashtanga yoga, that’s not the case. Here the yoga teacher is not required to teach the entire yoga class as a whole so they have enough time to assist every student, especially those that are still struggling.

You’ll gain more support in a Mysore style of ashtanga yoga from the yoga instructor. If you are having a hard time doing the poses by yourself, you can trust their support.

Progressive sequences

It was previously mentioned in this article that ashtanga yoga features a primary series. This series of progressive movements are the first set of postures that you will be learning from this yoga practice. Every moment or pose that you do will prepare you for the next one that will follow. It is a type of yoga that involves a continuous string of movements, which run more effectively with a deep, steady breath.

Don’t worry, just because ashtanga involves progressive poses does not mean you have to catch up quickly. The yoga instructor will not be adding any postures during your class unless you can do the previous poses and are confident to move on to the next.

The primary series includes a total of 6 series. Exciting, isn’t it?

Modifying the postures

Another major reason why ashtanga yoga is the best class for beginners—you can modify the different postures! If you are having trouble doing the full version of a particular movement, no need to panic. Every yoga pose in Ashtanga has many modifications. This means that if you can’t do the actual yoga pose, the teacher can help you do a version of it that’s more attainable for you to execute. It’s not the same as the original version but it will still engage the muscles in your body!

Ashtanga yoga for beginners—why it should start your yoga experience

When it comes to practicing yoga, we learn things that make us feel stronger and more positive. Yoga is the best method every person should take if they want to live a healthier life. That’s why if you are considering doing yoga, that is already a good start! This is a great way for you to improve your lifestyle and develop a better strategy for handling the physical and mental stress that life gives us sometimes.

Ashtanga yoga is definitely the best choice for new yoga students like you. The navigation through the world of yoga is fulfilling but can also be challenging which is why ashtanga is the perfect style to guide you through it. It will be the foundation that you will learn from and it will definitely give your body the strength and nourishment it needs. Its classes are easy to follow (compared to the other types of yoga) and your experience from them will already show you how life is much better with some yoga in it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to ask more questions and information about yoga teacher training? You can check them out below! 

The average time a yoga student needs to complete the practice of ashtanga yoga’s primary series is 90 minutes. This is considered to be a bit longer than other types of yoga classes. The traditional method of ashtanga yoga usually requires students to practice six times a week. The process is generally longer due to the reason that the students are given more time to learn at their pace.

Home practice is an inevitable choice especially for those who are required to stay at home or choose to practice yoga within the safe and convenient walls of their residence. That’s okay, a lot of people practice yoga at home nowadays. All you need to do is to have a spacious area where you can put your yoga mat and freely move parts of your body as you do the sequence of poses. You need to have a video or audio of the ashtanga yoga class led by the yoga instructor of your choice and just attentively follow on your own.

The only difference between doing ashtanga yoga at an actual yoga class and from home is the environment. The health benefits are still there. It’s still more motivating to be practicing yoga in a studio with other students, but doing it at your own place makes you more comfortable and less feeling conscious. Just be sure to follow the teacher to do the postures right. If you want, you can even invite a friend over so you have someone else to do the series of poses with!

It’s been said that when it comes to yoga, the more often you practice, the more benefits you gain at a faster rate. Ashtanga yoga is advised to be practiced at least 5 to 6 times a week at the same time each day. Take a few days off to rest your body because you should also remember not to overdo it. If you want to ask more questions about this, you can consult a yoga instructor on what to do.

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