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Barre Intensity Teacher Training Course


Strength doesn’t have to come from lifting weights. Blending elements from a plethora of exercise methods like ballet, dance, yoga, Pilates and more,  we are dedicated to training students using genuine methodologies through each of our Barre classes. This diverse discipline aims to lengthen and tone muscles, with an emphasis on activating the correct muscle groups, with a focus on your arms, legs and core.

Our Barre classes seamlessly incorporate the concepts of Pilates, classical ballet, and functional movement to create a fitness class centred on alignment and postural strength. By maintaining current knowledge in the latest advances of sports science and understanding the benefits of the traditional principles of Pilates (Posture and Alignment, Breathing, Centering – The Core, Control, Stability and Mobility, and Concentration).

About Sweatbox Fitness

Moving effectively includes strength, stamina and mindfulness to maintain control of the body in daily life. Sweatbox Fitness offers the best programs in Singapore to learn and develop these. Our state-of-the-art studios, leading instructors, and well-researched fitness programs are here to support you in achieving your fitness goals. We offer various Fitness Teacher Training Courses as well as our world-renowned Best Yoga Teacher Training Singapore.

Features Of Our Teacher Training Course


Choose to do your daily practice in person at our studio

The teacher training we provide allows the course-takers to learn and practice Barre in our studio. Being in the right environment will give them a more personal experience of learning, and a school environment that is conducive for learning. Our teacher training course has the added advantage of flexibility.


Complete hours at your
own pace

The goal for you is to complete the required hours of Barre Teacher Training and you can do this at your own pace. Do not feel pressured to finish it right away. Take it as you must so you will learn more efficiently rather than hurriedly, and get the certification while learning the basic Barre principles.


Become certified and internationally accredited

Once you finish your training, you will be officially certified and internationally accredited as a Barre instructor. You are given the license to teach other aspiring Barre practitioners out there. Spread the experience and knowledge!


Lifetime course
access and support

By undergoing and completing the teacher training here at Sweatbox, you are given lifetime access and support to our features as a student. You will also get access to classes and studios as a student in Singapore.

Meet Our Lead Yoga Teachers

Alma Gabriel

Alma started her Yoga practice in 2010 with the goal of losing weight, and to help her in pole dancing and manage stress at work. Soon after, she discovered Bikram Yoga class in Singapore and fell in love with the practice.

From this, Alma began to search for more and discovered Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga—both of which she now includes in her practice.

In 2015, Alma did her 200 hrs Yoga Alliance Hatha Yoga Certified with the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga with the aim of deepening her practice and understanding of asanas. After attaining her first certification, she pursued further and is now Dharma Wheel Yoga Certified (2016), Rainbow Kids Yoga Certified (2016), Yoga Alliance 200 hrs E84 Intermediate Hot Hatha Yoga Certified (2017), Maashakti Rishikesh 50 hrs Yin Yoga Certified (2019), Power Pilates Core Mat I Certified (2021) and a Barre Master Trainer (2022). Her deep practice and understanding of yoga guides her in her daily life as she imparts the knowledge in her classes.

Alma is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian and a Chef who focuses on Special Dietary and Healthy Meals. She is a member of the Singapore Nutritionist Dietitian Association of Singapore.

Sweatbox Yoga exhibits professional standards of education in yoga with the highest integrity with guidance through techniques, styles and theories to help you practise safely and teach confidently. You can choose to do the 200 hours online at home or with us at the studio!

Certificate of Completion

As you finish your teacher training courses, you are awarded a certification of completion. This is the document proving your accomplishment and official title as a certified Barre teacher. It is a stamp to your milestone as a qualified Barre instructor that can teach in classes after this training.

Display your certificate by hanging it proudly on your new fitness studio, using it as a reference, or even putting it on your resume to show the fitness world what you’re capable of.

Course Introduction & Description

Module 1

Comprehensive and Essential Barre:

This program is for all levels: currently certified instructors to those just starting their fitness teaching career and for currently trained barre instructors who want to learn the ins and outs of the Barre technique without re-learning the basic barre exercises.

In this 25-hour training, we review 45 basic barre class exercises with variations, modifications and specific cueing. You’ll also be introduced to other important elements of teaching such as alignment and musicality.

Our immersive Barre instructor training program includes:

  • Proper body alignment
  • Body positions
  • Structured class outline
  • Music and beat matching
  • Class choreography with variations and modifications
  • Intensity options for all exercises
  • Tips for smooth transitions and cueing techniques
  • Lecture, partner teaching and class participation

Module 2

Barre Anatomy:

By participating in this training, you will broaden your understanding of anatomy and movement, and how they pertain to teaching a safe and effective barre fitness class.

We will cover:

  • Basic Language of Anatomy
  • Introduction to the Connective Tissue System
  • Basic Body Mechanics and Muscle Function
  • Critical Musculoskeletal Structures

Module 3 (14 hrs) :

Props Training in Barre

Using of Props in Barre in a big part of elevating the workout. Learn how to use Core Balls, Weights, Resistance Bands well and they will enhance and intensify your Barre class. We will teach you mini choreography series that you can bring home for your own home practice. They will alsoc come in handy for your teaching of Barre classes.


Modules 1 & 2 (2 weekends: 25 hrs) :
Comprehensive and Essential Barre Instructor Training and Barre Anatomy

Regular Price

SGD 899 

Regular Price

SGD 1,099 



Early Bird (by 15 October)

Modules 1 & 2 (2 weekends-25 hrs):
Barre Foundation and Barre Anatomy training

4, 11, 18 And 25 November 2023 All Saturdays
Weekends Only 09:00AM - 5:00PM

4, 11, 18 and 25 November 2023 All Saturdays

Module 3 Weekends Only 09:00AM - 5:00PM

3-4 December 2022, 9am-5pm

Modules 1, 2 and 3 Weekends Only 09:00AM - 5:00PM

Bundled - SGD 4,380

200 hours YTT with 50 hours restorative YTT 

To fit your schedule for both classes, drop a message to us in our live chat!

Bundled - SGD 3,980

200 hours YTT with 85 hours prenatal YTT

To fit your schedule for both classes, drop a message to us in our live chat!

Bundled - SGD 3,280

200 hours YTT with 20 hours wheel YTT

To fit your schedule for both classes, drop a message to us in our live chat!

Bundled - SGD 3,180

200 hours YTT with 20 hours Hot 26 YTT

To fit your schedule for both classes, drop a message to us in our live chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned above, you have to complete 200 hours of Yoga Alliance certified teacher training to become a yoga teacher. It may seem long, but it guarantees a substantial and meaningful investment of your time. You can join the sessions either part-time or full-time.

Anyone is eligible to register for the 200-hour teacher training courses. There are a lot of women over 50 who try it and even some who have never done yoga before in their life. We highly recommend that you have at least 6 months of regular yoga practice. If you are a beginner with less than that, you will be required to complete and log an additional 100 hours of classes with Sweatbox Yoga which is excluded from the cost of this course. Otherwise, the only prerequisites are:

  • Full commitment to live meetings attendance
  • Enthusiasm to learn more about the various aspects of yoga
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive relevant feedback
  • An inquisitive mind

It is worth it to register in our 200-hour teacher training program because we have all the courses and modules that consist of everything you need to know about yoga. Our courses are Yoga Alliance certified, which makes our studio credible for your training. Our yoga training courses will enable you to become a qualified and registered yoga teacher. All you have to do is sign up for registration, attend teacher training classes in our yoga school for months and learn about proper yoga teaching methodology, and take an exam to see if you will be officially licensed as a yoga instructor. You will have the certification to launch your own yoga course and teach yoga classes.

It will depend on whether you will be making a one-time payment or an installment. You may make payment for the fee either by Paynow, Bank Transfers, or Paypal.

  • One-time payment costs SGD 2,800
  • Installment costs SGD 3,000

For successful completion of this training, you must watch all prerecorded classes and lectures, attend all live sessions, participate actively in small discussion group forums, complete all assignments, pass all competency quizzes (graded and non-graded), final theory and also teaching exam. We understand that life can sometimes interfere, if you have to miss live classes, you will have access to our class recordings. Please note that overall attendance required is 90%.

Upon completion of this training, graduates will receive a certificate of completion for 200 hours of study with Sweatbox Yoga and register with Yoga Alliance and World Yoga Alliance.

All the classes and assignments should be finished within 8 weeks, from the start of our first live class. As all the resources are available online, you can always revisit the classes and content for your own learning. You can choose to take the theory and practical exam anytime up till maximum of 6 months.If you need support or assistance, you can request for an extension. Unfortunately, all course fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.