In life, we tend to move around a lot. Our bodies are usually restless and are accustomed to the fast-paced environment especially if you’re a city mouse. However, that also makes you prone to more stress which causes tension in both your mind and body.

This is exactly why Yin yoga is important. Why yin yoga, you ask? 

Out of all the types of yoga practice, yin yoga is the one that focuses on the restorative aspect of the body and mind. It is a calming and meditative form of workout that allows you to find your inner peace. This style of yoga helps distract us from the noise of our daily life and lets us dive deep into relaxation. 

The great thing about practicing yin yoga is that you can still strengthen and tone your body while not resorting to vigorous movements that will get you breathless at the end of the session. 

Introducing Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a type of yoga that is slow-paced and incredibly soothing. Although yoga, in general, is considered to be a meditative form of exercise, Yin yoga is prominent for that aspect. It is centered on the bones, joints, ligaments, and the deep connective tissues of the body. Stretching and breathing techniques are also very significant parts of this practice. This is a contrast to the Yang practice of power yoga such as Vinyasa.

When it comes to Yin yoga, the movements are slow and precise. You will be focused on performing passive poses and holding them for about two to five minutes to take time in working on your connective tissues and stretching your body. This actually helps reduce the density of our bodies and it keeps us young by slowing down the aging process. 

Stress is a major part of our lives and it’s kind of inevitable. Whether it’s work, school, or household-related, stress is a thing that we must resolve. It will not only cause us physical exhaustion but also mental drain and possibly more serious health problems that we’d rather not experience. With Yin yoga, you can help ease that pain. 

Just so you know, lengthening the deep connective tissues is not going to be easy nor comfortable but it will provide you with lots of benefits. Yin yoga is going to be a challenging class that will help you reduce stress and feel looser. 

The benefits of Yin yoga

What is Yin yoga good for?

Yin yoga may be quiet and passive but when it comes to providing benefits, it’s pretty active. This form of exercise leaves a major positive impact on our well-being. The range of motion that Yin yoga practice allows us to explore deeper parts of our minds and bodies. 

Many of us need this very workout, especially with all the crazy stuff going on in our lives. We need a release. 

Targeting the connective tissue

Yin yoga is primarily aiming to work on the deep connective tissues of your body such as the fascia, bones, joints, and ligaments. 

An effective tool to reduce stress

Our bodies tend to be tense whenever we feel stressed. Practicing Yin yoga will help your entire body system to relax. The slow movements and peaceful pauses that you take while holding the poses allow you to just sink into the feeling of relaxation and meditation. Deep breathing also plays a major role in this. 

Increases your circulation

Breathing with each pose allows more oxygen to enter your body which helps our muscles and internal organs. This helps regulate your blood circulation and increase blood flow.  Yin practice also helps you stabilize the flow of energy inside of you. 

Improves your flexibility

As you stretch your body in different poses, you will improve the circulation in the joints, thus improving your flexibility. Becoming more flexible means that your body is less tense than before. 

Balances out the yin and yang 

If you are also into power yoga classes such as Vinyasa, it’s good to practice Yin to keep a balance between them. You can’t just focus on powerful movements because otherwise, you will feel exhausted and overworked. You need to have a physical activity that is focused on relaxation and meditation to give your body and mind the rest that they need. 

Develops your mindfulness

When you join a Yin yoga class, you will not just learn how to be relaxed and positive in that class. You will be adapting that attitude and bringing it wherever you go. Yin yoga encourages you to be kinder to yourself, to let go of the things that give you bad energy. You will be having a more positive outlook towards life. 

What should I expect from a Yin yoga practice? 

Yin yoga—unlike yang styles of yoga—mostly involves you and your yoga mat close together. Expect that you will be doing a lot of slow-paced passive movements which are mostly aimed towards the lower body. Your hips, thighs, pelvis, and lower spine will be engaged during the execution of the poses. 

There will be plenty of effects on the internal parts of your body as well. It was previously mentioned that the connective tissue groups will be worked on but also the nervous system which will help develop your body coordination. Every yoga pose will be held for a few minutes before moving on to the next one. It will really give you a chance to relax and connect with yourself. 

Also, expect that you will be a little emotional along the way. Yin practice will make us feel different emotions such as happiness, sadness, anxiety, and even boredom. We humans have lots of emotions that we got from past experiences store up within ourselves. Yin yoga tends to release those emotions and they manifest in the forms of pain or blockages in the body. 

Once you release those emotions, pains, and tensions, both your body and mind will become balanced and pain-free. The experience reduces stress and somehow makes you into a better version of yourself. 

Begin your regular Yin yoga practice now! 

Now that you know the benefits of Yin yoga, are you ready to try it? You must! It’s a life-changing experience that will enhance your lifestyle. It will develop your physical, mental, and spiritual being. The poses are slow but challenging but don’t worry, a yoga teacher will be guiding you throughout. The important thing is that you are intending to learn it and apply it to your life. 

Being healthy allows a person to be more contented and happy. With less stress, you will be able to live more carefreely. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Studies have shown that restorative yoga contributes to losing weight. Practicing Yin yoga regularly will improve the functioning and strengthening of the internal organs. With this style of yoga, you will feel less stressed and one theory is that cortisol, a stress hormone, is a known contributor to weight gain. This means that if you manage and reduce stress, you less likely to be overweight.

Yin practice helps put your body in a good condition. However, to further verify if this is the best choice for weight loss, it would be best to consult a skilled yoga instructor or a medical professional to guide you.

It is generally safe to engage in Yin yoga every day. You are not gravely affecting the muscles in the body with this type of yoga workout so it’s safe to say that you do not necessarily need a day of recovery unlike more vigorous types of yoga. However, it will still be depending on the capability and health status of the student. We all have different levels of endurance anyway so you need to listen to your body carefully. Determine whether you can practice it continuously or if you need to take a break every once in a while.

All of the postures under Yin yoga helps detoxify the body. Doing the bends, twists, and turns releases all the toxins and unwanted substances in the body. Drinking water after a yin yoga class will also help the detoxification process.

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