Benefits of yoga for men that you didn’t know yet

It is quite rare to find men who are really enthusiastic about yoga practice. Some guys do not express any interest in joining the said exercise. How come? Probably due to the idea of yoga not being as aggressive or vigorous as other types of workout or maybe because the demand for being flexible can be a little bit intimidating. Whatever the reason is, it does not invalidate the fact that there are tremendous benefits of yoga for men.

Yoga is a meditative form of workout. It is known for improving the body as well as the mind and spirit. However, contrary to popular belief, yoga is not just solely for relaxation or doing chants. Having a regular yoga practice actually strengthens the body and improves its flexibility. It builds strength, tones your muscles, and helps you endure pain and injuries from other physical activities better.

Furthermore, yoga helps us develop mindfulness and a healthier attitude towards life. It motivates us to live a healthy lifestyle which also leads to reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, and a more positive mindset. These benefits are highly possible for both men and women who practice yoga.

If you are a man and you have second thoughts about joining a yoga class, maybe the benefits listed below would change your mind!

What are the benefits of yoga for men?

Yoga is indeed an overall good workout. It strengthens our body, tones our muscles, and helps improve our mental health. It is no wonder it’s becoming so popular worldwide. But the thing is, there are still some people who are skeptical about it, especially the guys. It’s important to understand that yoga is more than just being flexible or relaxed, it’s about improving your entire well-being. You don’t have to be intimidated by this exercise because there are so many benefits of yoga for men! It’s a very inclusive and accessible activity that is made for people of all ages, all sizes—and in this case, all genders.

Read on to know what are the benefits of yoga for men. Who knows? After reading, you might change your mind.

1. Increases your range of motion, mobility, and flexibility

Practicing yoga means engaging your muscle groups. It helps increase your range of motion by improving your body’s balance, coordination, and flexibility. Yoga practice lengthens your muscles and connective tissues which in turn leads to increased blood flow. You become more flexible and you can extend your limbs in ways you couldn’t before. You gain a better range of motion and mobility which will help you perform better in other physical activities such as sports, gymnastics, martial arts, and others. This will help reduce the chances of injury or make it possible for you to recover easily from one.

2. It helps enhance your breathing

As we all know, breathing is a major part of this exercise. One of the best things about yoga is that it teaches you how to take advantage of your breathing to improve your health. Doing the yoga poses requires the accompaniment of proper breathing techniques which is why here you will be learning that. Yoga teaches a certain deep and controlled way of breathing called “pranayama” which expands and exercises your lungs and lets it distribute more oxygen in your body as you exercise.

3. It helps prevent injuries

Most men are actively engaging in physical activities which makes them more prone to injuries. Doing things like sports, going to the gym, or even having an incorrect posture in the office all day could get your body sore or hurting. Practicing yoga will help prevent you from getting injured or even at least help you endure it. Yoga strengthens, tones, and loosens your muscles which makes you more capable of sustaining any possible injuries.

4. Reduces your stress and anxiety

Yoga classes also help with our mental health issues. Most of us feel stressed due to work or our personal life. It’s hard to function when you are feeling stressed and anxious all the time, plus it affects the people around you as well. Fortunately, yoga helps us fight this off through its meditative aspect. Yoga is very relaxing it allows us to find our inner peace. Yoga helps manage our stress levels by letting us maintain a good heart rate as well as controlling our blood pressure.

5. Improves focus and overall body awareness

Engaging in yoga helps improve your ability to listen to your body. You become more focused and aware of what your body wants and needs. This is important especially if you are a very physically active person. Knowing how to pay attention to your body’s demands will keep you safe from injuries. Also, executing yoga poses and movements requires steady focus. This will help you have better control over your mind and center of attention.

6. It helps you have better sleep

A lot of men have been reported to be experiencing insomnia or lack of sleep. These are usually caused by stress, anxiety, and others which probably stem from our own environment. If you’re having a hard time sleeping, yoga also helps deal with that! Practicing yoga will enable you to sleep better. Getting into yoga asanas and meditation will relax your mind and body, letting you sleep like a log through the night.

7. Yoga improves your sex life

Again, the matter here is related to stress and anxiety. Apparently, these two factors negatively affect your performance in sexual intercourse. Fortunately, yoga can help eliminate those two. Meditative exercises like yoga allow us to be stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. Furthermore, the fact that by practicing yoga you’ll get to be more flexible and have better endurance and stamina says it all. Now, you can guarantee a much better sexual performance with your partner!

8. It strengthens your immune system

There are tons of viruses and diseases in the world. It’s so easy to catch cold or other diseases from our environment. It’s very important to boost your immune system so that you won’t be an easy target for viruses. One of the benefits of yoga is that it can help you build a stronger immune system. Lots of yoga poses help contract our muscles, which in fact, pushes lymphatic fluids to pass through our body that boosts our immunity against communicable diseases.

9. Improved balanced body and mind

This has been said so many times, but it doesn’t make it any less true—yoga balances your body and mind. It does not just focus on one aspect of your health, it touches everything! Your body is stronger, more flexible, and has better mobility and all. You develop a sense of awareness towards your physical needs and capabilities. Plus, your mind is thriving and focused. You now have a much better time managing your stress levels and anxiety. When two of these things are healthy and balanced, you can assure that you can face your daily challenges without a problem. This is what yoga does for you!

10. It helps increase productivity

A regular yoga practice will definitely increase your productivity! When you are in shape, you are more capable of enduring the physical pain brought about by work or your other activities. Your mood is better too because you are relaxed and at peace with yourself. You are much more capable of getting things done this time because you are stronger and more focused. You no longer have to worry so much about things like your blood pressure, heart rate, stress, and others because yoga is getting you into health and fitness just right.

How many days a week should you do yoga to see results?

You can practice yoga workouts 6 times a week, for 20 to 30 minutes at the least. This is the suggested frequency if yoga is your only workout. As you progress, you can increase the time up to 40 to 70 minutes per yoga session.

Now that you know the benefits of yoga for men, are you ready to try it?

With all that has been said, are you convinced that yoga is one good exercise to try? Hopefully so! The great thing about yoga is that it proves that you don’t have to engage in intense workouts all the time just to become fit. Yoga is a great way to strengthen your body, lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your focus, and many more. It has everything you need and wants in an exercise. Also, it’s fun! You get to meet new people and establish new friendships along the way (with your fellow yoga students and the yoga instructor). It’s definitely a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Enroll now to your nearest yoga studio in Singapore.

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