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A 2019 survey by Cigna shows that 92% of employed respondents in Singapore are stressed, 8% higher than the global average of 84%. This high percentage comes at a cost for the corporate sector and it is expensive. About 18% or 2.3 billion USD of Singapore’s National health spending can be attributed to stress-related and stress-induced conditions such as high blood pressure. Workplace stress is costly. One way to reduce stress is by incorporating yoga into corporate wellness programs.

There are many benefits of yoga in the workplace. Studies show that the benefits of yoga such as improved flexibility helped prevent conditions such as arthritis and chronic back pain. Regular participation in a program further improves fitness and reduces fatigue and benefits those who suffer from mental problems such as depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia.

The best part about yoga is that it is accessible and convenient. It might be daunting at first but you can start small with simple yoga stretches at your desk. Eventually, try online yoga sessions or even pop into yoga classes near me where a yoga instructor can introduce you to the benefits of yoga.

What is Corporate Yoga?

Corporate yoga is a form of corporate wellness programme that focuses on meditation exercises, simple yoga stretches and postures and breathing techniques. It is cost-effective. Corporate yoga aims to enhance the physical and mental health of the workplace to lessen employee absenteeism and employee health care costs.

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

Improved cardiovascular health, stronger immune system, lower stress and alleviating back pain are just a few of the many benefits of practicing yoga. But there are career lessons too that can be gained when you incorporate yoga exercises into your daily life.

1. Yoga Teaches You To Be OK With Your Limitations

Project delays, back to back meetings and time constraints can build up frustration. Falling into the trap of trying to do everything will take a toll on your morale and simply make you less productive. Instead of trying to do more, turn your mind away from work and engage in physical activity such as yoga.

Yoga will allow that stress to be released productively and encourage you to accept your physical body in the state that it is in. Yoga programs teach about gentle progression, that there is no need to force a pose that is beyond your current physical abilities.

There is no need to compete with anyone in your yoga group, not even yourself. It is okay to modify poses. In doing so, you make room for your uniqueness and your way of doing.

2. Yoga Shows You That You Can Do The Impossible

In just a few poses, yoga increases your serotonin levels and decreases your cortisol, your stress hormone which leaves you relieved and refreshed.

Dynamic movements and poses can get the heart rate up, increase your blood circulation and improve your brain function. Meanwhile, deep stretches will help relieve you of any physical discomfort such as back pain that could be hindering you.

Taking the time to do these stretches will benefit your productivity as it will leave you charged and ready to take on the next assignment.

3. Yoga Helps You Keep Calm In Stressful Situations

It is important to learn how to manage stress. Meditation, breathing exercises, stretches and retreats leave a positive impact on both your nervous system and immune system. It will help you relax and boost your mood as well

Fluid movements and stretches help alleviate tension that builds up after spending long hours slouching at a desk. Back pain, neck strain and shoulder stiffness can create stress on top of an already heavy workload. Deep stretches such as a cat-cow pose can relieve you of such pain.

Yoga reduces stress, lessens tension and reminds you to keep calm down even when faced with a hectic day at work.

4. Yoga Reminds You Focus On The Important Things

When faced with tight deadlines and endless meetings, it can feel overwhelming. A busy work environment can aggravate worries and perceived stress, creating a mental clutter that might make it hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand. When this happens, it is important to step back from your worries and ground yourself in the moment.

With the convenience of workplace yoga, you can pop into a class during your lunch break to get your mind sorted out. Breathing exercises are a great way to quiet the noise in your mind and make yourself aware of the present. Proper breathing coupled with a few yoga poses can increase blood circulation and improve brain function.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to return to work with renewed focus and a sharper mind.

5. Yoga Teaches You To Have Confidence In Your Abilities

When work projects are not going your way and you are struggling to make use of your talents and skills, it is easy to lose confidence in the things that you know you can do. When this happens, it is a good idea to step back and take a moment to compose yourself.

Yoga classes can help you with that. It pulls you into the moment to focus on your movements and your breathing. This mindfulness will allow you to become aware of your inner strength As you continue with your practice, you will notice the improvement in your technique and regain confidence in your strength and abilities.

Your flexibility and improved fitness are also additional benefits that will give you that boost of confidence to head back and keep trying.

6. Yoga Teaches Self-Discipline

Yoga teaches mindfulness in consistent practice. Regular practice means dedication and time management. It means having the structure to commit and achieve your goals.

The benefits of yoga practice are stress reduction and management. These are helpful when you start to feel overwhelmed with projects and upcoming deadlines.

Level headedness, self-discipline, dedication and time management are great assets to help you in your career. And as you’ll see how consistency and hard work pays off in both yoga and your professional life.


7. Yoga opens new perspectives and improves creativity

Long hours and stressful work environments can kill your creativity and build up frustration. It can narrow your mind to new ideas that could benefit your work. In yoga, you are taught to listen – to your instructor, your body and your breath.

When you feel your creativity drying up and your mind narrowing, it might be time to take a breather. A quick yoga class can increase your attention span, memory, learning abilities and further helps you concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Your work benefits from this break because you can return to your desk with fresh eyes and increased focus. This will help generate creativity and ideas will naturally flow.


Having a corporate yoga program will be highly beneficial to employees’ physical and mental health, reduce employee absenteeism and cut down costs on healthcare. Corporate wellness programs Singapore allows employees the convenience to practice yoga in the workplace. It can tailor yoga classes to suit the needs and schedules of your employees. Yoga classes can even cater to team yoga programs where team-building exercises can foster better relationships and improve communication skills to create a more harmonious workplace.

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