We often engage in exercises to gain a better physique. A lot of us trying to lose weight because of the need to look better and be healthier. But in reality, weight loss is not as easy as it sounds. Gaining weight is a lot less challenging than losing it which is why we often turn to various physical activities that can help us shed those pounds.

One of the types of workouts that are believed to be a contributor to weight loss is yoga. Yoga is a meditative exercise that increases our muscle strength and enhances our flexibility. It may be hard to believe that a relaxing exercise such as this would be able to help lose weight. When it comes to burning calories, we often rely on more energetic and powerful exercises such as jogging, aerobics, CrossFit, and others. People often forget about joining a hot yoga studio in Singapore.

But can yoga really help with weight loss

Can You Lose Weight By Doing Yoga?

Yoga is known for being a relaxing form of workout. In a typical yoga session, you execute different kinds of poses that make use of your muscle groups. This exercise provides so many health benefits such as an increase in muscle strength, better flexibility, as well as an improved state of mind. To simply put it, yoga is a very healthy physical activity that will prevent you from having diseases or stress and anxiety.

But does engaging in a yoga class help with weight loss?

It is no surprise that yoga is not commonly referred to as a highly-energetic form of exercise. When it comes to burning calories, we often turn to more powerful types of workouts that get our body moving around and sweating like crazy. However, don’t close the curtains just yet. Some experts say that yoga can actually contribute to losing weight. Despite the slow and precise movements, yoga helps you lose weight in the sense of toning your muscles and improving your metabolism.

How many calories does yoga burn?

Some people believe that hot yoga classes or Bikram yoga is a good way to burn calories. Besides the details mentioned above about how yoga is related to weight loss, it is a popular belief that heated yoga classes or Bikram yoga effectively burns calories because of the profuse sweating that comes with it, and hence weight loss.

So, exactly how many calories does yoga burn?

Sweating actually does not directly burn many calories. Instead, it helps us lose water weight which is only temporary. Furthermore, practicing yoga itself helps lose weight but there is no scientific study that proves that hot yoga burns calories the most compared to the other types of yoga such as restorative yoga, hatha yoga, and even vinyasa yoga which involves a string of continuous movements. However, if you practice yoga consistently and accompany it with other types of physical activity such as running and maintaining a healthy diet, it will help you burn many calories faster.

Yoga And Sleep

Studies prove that yoga helps people sleep better, especially those who experience insomnia. A daily practice of yoga can provide benefits such as falling asleep faster and longer. Another study from 2018 showcased that a group of people with normal sleeping patterns lost more fat than those who have not. This means that sleep loss has a negative impact on our body’s composition.

That’s why you need to practice yoga from time to time in order to sleep better and lose more fat in turn.

Which Type Of Yoga Practice Burns Calories The Most?

The real question here is, which helps people burn more calories: heated or unheated yoga?

Yes, yoga is a proven way to help lose weight. But is doing yoga in a heated studio really more effective? This is not exactly backed up by research. However, there was an official indication that the number of calories burned is increased when you are exposed to heat. The high temperature causes your body to double its efforts in cooling itself off.

Experts also said that our muscles are more prone to be flexible in warmer temperatures. Being able to stretch and maintain a pose longer increases the calories you burn. Practicing power yoga means forcing your muscles to exert more effort which is a better way to keep losing weight instead of fleeting movements like in Vinyasa.

Being in a heated room or studio while doing yoga causes you to breathe more deeply. This enhances your lung capacity and hence serves as a form of cardio workout. Other types of exercise such as jogging and walking also give importance to your cardio performance. This will definitely help your body lose more pounds.

However, some experts have stated that just because you practice in a room heated at 105 degrees Fahrenheit does not necessarily mean that you burn more calories than a standard yoga session. A 2013 study compared the heart rate of a group that attended a Bikram yoga class to one that joined a standard one. They discovered that the heart rates of both groups are the same regardless of the difference in the yoga sessions they participated in.

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn?

If you’re wondering how many calories does yoga burn, a 2014 study showed that men burned an average of 460 calories while women burned 330 calories per session of Bikram yoga.

On the other hand, another reliable source says that a 155-pound person is expected to lose 447 calories after 90 minutes of hatha yoga class.

How Long Should You Practice Yoga To Burn More Calories?

Are 30 minutes or less than an hour of yoga a day good enough to lose weight?

It is good to practice yoga as much as you can in order to burn many calories. It is advisable to engage in power yoga, which is a more intense practice, at least three to five times per week for a minimum of one hour. However, for you not to over exhaust yourself, make sure to balance it out with more relaxing and gentle types of yoga such as restorative yoga. Doing more calm and relaxed poses will guarantee fewer calories burned but at least it keeps your body from being worn out.

Are You Ready To Burn Calories And Get Healthy?

Yoga is not just about people becoming thinner or slimmer. It is about knowing how to take care of your body properly and maintaining a better physique. If you keep practicing yoga—whether it’s Hatha, Vinyasa, or Bikram—it will definitely improve your health and contribute to the increased number of calories burned. However, remember to not feel pressured into trying a type of yoga that is popular for burning calories, but rather explore which one helps you become more physically active.

In general, yoga is not just about bodily exercise and movements, it’s also about teaching you to become mindful of yourself. If you get into it you will not only be losing some pounds in no time, you will also adopt a healthy lifestyle. We all know it’s important to keep our health well and thriving so we can continue to live a long, carefree life. If you try to do yoga at least 2 to 3 times a week for an hour each session, you will surely experience the benefits in no time!

If you have any questions on yoga and burning calories, you can consult an instructor or yoga specialist. It would be best to seek the thoughts of a professional especially since there are many different types of yoga to choose from.

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