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Arm Balancing Yoga Workshop

Boat Quay Studio
16-17 April 2022
Price Range

Early Bird Price: $290 (Sign up by 31 March 2022)
Usual Price: $360


FIND FREEDOM TO FLY! (With tutorials on Jump Back / Jump Through)


Arm balancing postures are advanced postures that require a yogi to balance only on their arms. They are challenging as they demand both strength AND flexibility of the shoulders. However, due to the nature of the body to be in reverse (arms and legs switch roles), we cannot neglect the work of the legs primarily the mobility of the hips.

The benefits of arm balancing is profound as it encourages focus, builds strength, tones internal organs, stretches the spine and allows one to overcome the fear of falling. More than anything, it builds strength in the upper extremities of the body especially the arms. And to facilitate the form of arm balances, having a relatively open hip allows you to have a sense lightness when the entire body weight comes down on you.

The fundamental requirements of the posture are strong arms and super stable support of the shoulder girdle, good core integration and well-engaged hip flexors.
In this workshop, we will be exploring some wonderful aspects of switching the role of the shoulders and the hips as in Arm Balancing, as your arms become your legs and your legs turn into arms.

**TAKE NOTE: One should not measure their practice by how well they get past a pose but rather how they’ve kept the nature of their mind and the heart in a calm manner. More importantly, enjoy the process, have fun with the techniques, and be open and receptive to a new path.


Arms / Shoulder Girdle / Serratus Anterior

  1. Downward Dog
  2. Plank
  3. Chaturanga
  4. Dolphin
  5. Side Plank
  6. Chest Tapping
  7. Jump Back

Legs / Pelvis / Iliopsoas

  1. L-sits
  2. Lolasana
  3. Utthitha Hasta Padangushtasana
  4. Utkatasana
  5. Jumping Through
  6. Setu Bandhasana
  7. Baddha Konasana
  8. Padmasana


16-17 April 2022 March 2022
10:00 AM – 2:15 PM (8-hr intensive)


10.00am – 12.00pm

  • Setting Intention
  • Body opening (a short yin yoga)
  • Anatomy Awareness
  • The Serratus Anterior
  • Shoulder Girdle Integrity
  • Shoulder Drills

Short break – 15mins
12:15 PM – 14:15 PM

  • Arm Balancing techniques with props
  • Crow-Crane 0 –
  • The Art of Engaging where necessary, Relaxing where possible
  • Drishtis and its importance
    1. Baby Crow
    2. Side Crow
    3. Koundinyasana
    4. Eka Pada Bakasana
    5. Pincha Mayurasana


10:00 AM- 13:00 PM

  • Setting Intention
  • Body opening (a short Yin practice)
  • Illiopsoas awareness
  • Hip mobility and Hamstring flexibility.
  • ASANAS :
    1. Baddha Konasana
    2. Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana
    3. Padmasana Lifts

Short Break – 15mins
13:15 PM – 14:15 PM

  • Jump Back Jump Through
  • Drills – Refer to sheet of paper given.

Early Bird Price: $290 (Sign up by 31 March 2022)
Usual Price: $360

Boat Quay Studio
16-17 April 2022
Price Range

Early Bird Price: $290 (Sign up by 31 March 2022)
Usual Price: $360

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