Yoga isn’t like any other type of exercise. It has so many variations developed over time and can be done simultaneously along with other forms of workout. Even until now, so many people are still following and practicing the art of yoga. It may seem like such a passive physical activity to some because it mainly involves doing stretches instead of more vigorous or energetic types of movements that’ll get you sweating— but yoga gives us so much more benefits than one would think.

With yoga having so many styles and versions, there is one, in particular, that will get you sweating profusely. This is called hot yoga.

In this article, we will be focusing on how hot yoga changes our bodies.

Understanding hot yoga

Hot yoga is a unique form of yoga wherein you do a series of 26 different postures in a room that’s heated up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, it seems difficult to be working out in an environment that feels like an oven toaster. However, there’s a reason why practicing yoga in a heated room is good for us.

Some say that the purpose of the high temperature is to replicate the heat and humidity of the country where yoga originated, India. This was first created by Bikram Choudhury, a well-known yogi, and then it was adapted and modified across the world.

As previously mentioned, hot yoga provides so many changes and benefits to our body. Read on so we can dive into them.

Types of yoga classes

Hot yoga isn’t a one-dimensional routine, it also has different types and classes. One of the most popular ones is Bikram yoga, which obviously was created by Choudhury. From then on, so many yoga masters around the globe have created their own versions, making sure to tap on the different parts of the body for each one.

Sweatbox Yoga is one of the leading yoga studios in Singapore. Here, they are offering a variety of hot yoga classes that the students can choose from. Check out below to find out what they are and how much sweat you’re going to make in each hot yoga class:

Hot 26 (60 minutes)

This class features the traditional type of hot yoga where you execute the series of 26 poses in a heated room. It takes place in under an hour. The repeated and consistent practice of this routine will help you witness the changes in your body. This class is recommended for beginners.

Sweat level: 3/5

Hot 26 (90 minutes)

It’s the same as the one above, the only difference is that this one is longer and more of a Bikram yoga. It’s a rejuvenating exercise in a heated room involving continuous movements that will get you sweating even more.

Sweat level: 5/5

Hot Core

As the name states, this hot yoga class focuses on working on your core muscles. This class, however, is not recommended for pregnant women.

Sweat level: 4/5

Hot Flow

In this class, you will be faced with increased movement and breath correlation on top of the series of postures. It’s a class that’s perfect for intermediate yoga practitioners.

Sweat level: 5/5

Hot Hatha

This is a more toned-down version of a hot yoga class. More gentle movements are involved, requiring proper focus and breathing techniques. This class is a beginner-friendly intermediate one.

Sweat level: 3.5/5

Warm Stretch

This is an ever slower-paced yoga class conducted in a room that’s heated only up to 30 degrees that focuses on various stretches that will warm up your body. It also involves the usage of props to further enhance the stretches. This is great for those who have tight muscles.

Sweat level: 3/5

Hot Hatha (Yoga Conditioning)

This is a more enhanced type of yoga class that combines the mindfulness quality of yoga with the importance of functional mobility and strength training from other types of workout. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Sweat level: 5/5

What are the changes that hot yoga does to your body?

Now that you already understand the purpose of hot yoga and its types and classes, it’s time to jump into the details of its benefits. Yoga itself is already recognized as a form of exercise that is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Hot yoga, on the other hand, reinforces that through its ways.

Participating in a hot yoga class regularly and consistently will surely bring significant changes to your body. It’s a great workout routine that can help you live more healthily and strengthen and enhance parts of yourself that you didn’t know you can.

Here are the benefits of hot yoga:

Short-term physical benefits

Improves blood circulation

It has been proven that hot yoga helps with improving blood circulation. The heat helps fresh blood to flow into our muscles more easily, thus enabling you to stretch your body and hold poses longer than you would in an unheated room.

Relieves shoulder tension

Hot yoga is great for dealing with tight muscles. If you’re having trouble with your shoulders, this is a great type of workout to help you relieve it. The heat combined with the stretches helps you loosen muscles.

Reduces inflammation

Bikram yoga is a great way to release stress-induced hormones and reduces tensions in the muscles. It can help calm down the body’s inflammatory responses against stress or injury which, as a result, reduce the chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer.

Relieves constipation

Constipation can be reduced and relieved by practicing hot yoga. Practicing hot yoga (and even regular yoga in general) can help us maintain a good digestive flow.

Long-term physical benefits


Slows down aging

Some people have been practicing yoga for years that appear to be younger-looking than others who are the same age. They say hot yoga is also a tool in the anti-aging process.

Improves metabolism

They say that heat affects your metabolism while exercising. Being exposed to a lot of heat can increase the speed of your metabolic rate.

Helps with weight loss

Practicing hot yoga is a great way to burn some calories and thus becoming an aid to weight loss. The heat, combined with the dynamic of poses that are being executed helps you perspire and get rid of the calories. It also helps exhibit mindfulness and a healthier attitude towards eating.

Improves flexibility

As previously mentioned, we tend to stretch our bodies better when we’re in a heated environment. Our muscles loosen and it enables us to move more flexibly than ever. Constant practice of hot yoga will significantly increase our flexibility.

Strengthens and tones muscles

You don’t have to rely on vigorous exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles. Practicing hot yoga regularly will help you do that. Through the series of poses and stretches, you’ll be able to improve your muscle strength in no time.

Improves posture

Hot yoga can help improve your posture through the consistent practice of the different poses. A lot of them have something to do with exercising the spine, which in turn, will improve your posture.

Helps manage blood pressure

A small study suggests that practicing hot yoga can help lower blood pressure. Yoga practice is a therapeutic activity that will leave positive effects on our blood pressure, helping us control it better.

Short-term mental benefits

Promotes relaxation and stress relief

Hot yoga is a great way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It relaxes our body through a series of stretches accompanied by deep, steady breathing.

Improves quality of sleep

Practicing hot yoga can also contribute to developing better sleep cycles. Some of us cannot sleep properly or are experiencing insomnia. Constant practice of hot yoga (and even regular yoga) can help us fall asleep faster. 

Long-term mental benefits

Improves focus and concentration

By practicing hot yoga, they say you can develop a better ability in focus and concentration. Yoga promotes mindfulness and being connected with your inner self. With that said, you have better chances of controlling your focus better.

Manages symptoms of depression and anxiety

Reportedly, those who participate regularly in hot yoga classes experience a great decrease in anxiety, stress, and depression. It can be a form of therapeutic activity that promotes a more positive way of thinking in people.

Are you ready to try hot yoga and experience the changes yourself?

If you want to know more about hot yoga or if you want to try being in a class yourself, you can check out with Sweatbox Yoga Studio. They’re offering the best hot yoga classes in Singapore! 

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