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Perhaps it will be as simple as finding the ideal yoga mat among all the fitness buys in 2022? It’s the polar opposite of frightening gym gear decorated with pulleys, stirrups, and perplexingly springy objects, and it’s essentially meant for everybody, regardless of fitness level.

Rather than going to the gym, most of us have resorted to exercising safely at home with the help of home workout routines. A yoga mat is an essential purchase if you plan to commit to at-home workouts for the foreseeable future.

Discover the Best Quality, Comfortable Yoga Mats in Singapore

Yoga mats are an excellent purchase since they are so adaptable that you can use them for almost any workout, including Pilates to HIIT.   Yoga necessitates discipline, patience, exceptional concentration, and burning calories, so you’ll need a nice mat that provides support, firmness, and is non-slippery.

On some occasions, the lighter the mat, the easier it is to carry. Well then, how can you determine which mat is the finest when there are so many to choose from on the market?

Having your own yoga mat for sessions is essential for sanitary grounds and allows you to show your healthy lifestyle in bright colours on your travel.

Below are the 8 top yoga mats to purchase in Singapore, ranging from small collapsible mats for your daily yoga stretch to the more expansive ones with guidance for maximum alignment:

Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat

Lululemon is a fitness mainstream hit, and their yoga mats are no exception. The reversible yoga mats are available in three thicknesses, including 1.5MM, 3MM, and 5MM, with two surfaces on each side. The rougher, darker side on the bottom is preferable for more energetic activities, while the smoother, lighter coloured side on top is ideal for more relaxing routines.

Their yoga mat provides enough cushioning and hold on its surface. Either you favour relaxing Hatha routines or perhaps more intensive flow routines like hot yoga. The mat also has an antibacterial composition that is odour-free and makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

Besides yoga practitioners, personalities like Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid are huge fans of the LA-based brand. Apart from yoga-friendly clothing, Alo Yoga is renowned for its fuss-free non-slip yoga mat sold and distributed worldwide. It is effortless to keep clean and costs somewhere around $108 and $175.

Manduka Eko Superlite Mat

Nothing beats performing sun salutations on an ethically manufactured yoga mat advised by a yoga instructor for eco-warriors who carry their reusable mats.

The Manduka yoga mat is obtained from natural rubber that has been sustainably sourced and is free of hazardous chemicals. Its surface keeps moisture out, and after your sweat session, all you need to do is give it a thorough wipe down and keep it looking good.

Most of all, this high-quality yoga mat can be wrapped neatly into the size of an A4 piece of paper, thus, easier to slip into your bag and bring along through your yoga practice.

OMgoing Venice Combo Mat

Yoga mats out from Bali-based label Yoga Design Lab are available at OMgoing, and they’re crafted with picturesque or nature-inspired motifs that will cause you to feel as if you’re on a getaway all year.

Combo, Infinity, and Travel are the four main styles available. The Combo Mat is a yoga mat and a yoga towel in one, perfect for hot yoga, whereas the Infinity Mat is an anti-slip mat with plenty of padding. The Travel Mat, as its name implies, is made to be packed on the go, making it more collapsible and lightweight than the others.

Watsons Yoga Mat

Watsons is well-known, but did you also know they produce their range of yoga mats? Their yoga mats are ideal for beginners just getting started with yoga. They can choose between an inexpensive PVC yoga mat that costs half as much as the TPE models or a considerably higher-quality TPE yoga mat. Furthermore, these Watsons yoga mats are affordable and provide excellent value.

Vivre Active Yoga Mat

When you think about yoga mats, corks would not be the first thought that springs to mind. Regardless, cork is a biodegradable, lightweight, and naturally antibacterial material that checks all the boxes for a yoga mat when you think about it.

The Vivre Active Yoga Mat is essential for yoga enthusiasts and is highly rated by yoga instructors since it increases grip as you sweat. Rather than just stressing about your feet sliding, you can concentrate on your yoga poses with the help of the lightweight mat.

Jade Harmoney Yoga Mat

For men, the Jade Harmony Yoga Mats have a more extended width and length. Through its thick and long-lasting natural rubber cushions, it provides excellent support. Not only that, this mat is ideal for those who sweat a lot. Additionally, they are among the top eco-friendly yoga mats in the marketplace and are known for making kids yoga mats.

Decathlon Light Yoga Mat

When you first begin practising yoga, it is unavoidable that you will fall out of a posture, and sure, it will hurt and possibly leave a bruise. The majority of these errors happen as a consequence of learning. However, a slick mat might also contribute. As a result, the Decathlon Light Yoga Mat is ideal for newbies!

The mat is also soft, with a velvet-textured material that is comfortable and provides an excellent grip to avoid sliding. The mat strap makes it simple to move with your mat, so you’re set, whether you’re like us and practice yoga in studios or even on your travels.

Choosing the Yoga Mat That’s Right for You — 3 Factors to Consider

You might not see the use within investing in a high-quality yoga mat if you’re only going to use it to step and sit on. Still, having a decent, lasting yoga mat is just as vital as wearing the right sports shoes when you’re dripping sweat at home; a reasonably good one can help reduce the risk of injury.

If you ever return to the gym, bringing your portable yoga mat to a group workout session is much more sanitary, particularly at a time when sharing is discouraged.

It’s imperative to keep these three aspects in mind while picking a yoga mat that’s right for you:


Most yoga mats come in various thicknesses, ranging from 0.5mm to 8mm. Thinner yoga mats, no more than 3.5mm, will give you added durability and traction if you do more vigorous active yoga poses like handstands. If you perform a lot of floorwork and require more padding for both arms and knees, a mat thicker than 3.5mm is better.


PVC, TPE, and natural rubber are the three basic types of yoga mat substances to examine. PVC is the least expensive of the alternatives and is also the most sturdy, but that is less sweat-absorbent has a more slick surface.

On the other hand, TPE yoga mats are built of a combination of plastic and rubber that provides more excellent grip but is, regrettably, less sturdy. Natural rubber yoga mats seem to be more eco-friendly as they are composed of biodegradable polymer, and they’re much more expensive.


When searching for a yoga mat, you must depend on the length and weight of the mat in addition to the thickness. Opt for one that provides you around 15cm of extra room on top of your height such that your feet stay inside your yoga mat and don’t fall out when you practice the Corpse pose.

But when it comes to the perfect weight of a yoga mat, regardless you work out at home or in the yoga studios, a lighter mat is preferable because it’s convenient to pack, and you won’t worry about dragging around after the class.

Get Your Hands on the Best Yoga Mats for Your Practice

Even when we chaturanga the way back to yoga classes or resume our home practices, making investments in a good yoga mat can help you get the most stability and comfort out of your routine. It’s also an excellent method to stay clean and efficient while still gaining the most out of your yoga mats!

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