Gina - Instructor for Warm Stretch & Hot Hatha | Sweatbox Yoga


Gina started her yoga practice in 2014 as an attempt to revive and ease into a fitness routine after child birth. She fell in love with the asana flows and blissful shavasana. She went back for more classes and the inability to fold herself into lotus legs didn’t deter her from practicing. She is enthralled with my budding awareness of my movements on the mat as she works through challenging poses and sequences.

Gina believes there is a deeper component beyond the physicality of the practice as she focuses and dedicates the time to uncovering herself a little bit more. With each practice she becomes less afraid, more open-minded and curious. As a yoga instructor in the best yoga studio in Singapore, she shares her love for yoga and guide students through self-exploration to realise the benefits of a rejuvenating and self-accepting practice.