Leonard - Instructor for Hot Flow, Vinyasa & more | Sweatbox Yoga


Leonard’s journey into the world of movement first began when he was a dancer back in university. He was deeply inspired by the body awareness and physical prowess of dancers and wanted to achieve that. 

This eventually led him to dip his toes into yoga for the first time in 2008. Unlike most yogis, it wasn’t love at first try. While he was broadly familiar with the physical aspects of the practice, he found the mental portion rather challenging.

Years of weightlifting and high intensity cardiovascular training left Leonard in aches and pain, and prone to injury. In 2016, Leonard decided to find an alternative fitness regime that would be more sustainable and kinder to his body – which led him to give yoga another shot.

As he delved deeper into the practice and attended classes on a more regular basis, he saw the benefits yoga brought not only to his body but also to his mental and spiritual state. As he grew in the practice, his mind got more attuned to his body and muscles, and his level of focus improved. Spiritually, yoga also helped him build a greater sense of purpose in his fitness journey and in turn transformed his overall outlook in life – which led him to eventually start his own athleisure label Finix.

Seeing how yoga has benefited him, Leonard felt a calling to share his personal experience and journey in the practice. Through his personal stories and teaching hot yoga Singapore, he inspires and empowers other fellow yogis to see yoga beyond just the physical practice, and ignite a spiritual awakening within them to pursue their deepest passions in life.