Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
The Art of Conscious Relaxation

Join us for an immersive and experiential Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 with Adeline Tien. This Restorative Training features 5 days of daily restorative practice and more time to explore the beauty of rest, for a deeper experience. Understand the science behind Restorative Yoga, and learn the artful skills of practicing and teaching this wonderful restful style of yoga.

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga is the yoga of “doing- less” that focuses on ease and tension release. Yoga props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and eye pillows are strategically placed to safely support the body in various poses. When the body is fully supported in this manner, it begins to relax and release deep layers of tension. This process invokes a natural state of balance, replenishment, and healing rest.

Otherwise, for teachers who would like to learn about general yoga teacher basics, please see our main 200 hour Yoga Instructor Training Course

Why Do Restorative Yoga?


Importance of Rest

Rest is more important now, more than ever. We are grappling with covid-19 pandemic stress; adapting to long social distancing isolation; coping with increased use of technology in our lives and the never-ending quest to survive in these challenging times. We are stressed out, impatient, and intolerant with our frazzled nerves.


Health Benefits

Stress related illnesses are on the rise - depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, heart disease, obesity and fertility issues, to name just a few.


Know Your Body

Once you finish your training, you will be officially certified and internationally accredited as a yoga instructor. You are given the license to teach other aspiring yoga practitioners out there. Spread the experience and knowledge!

Meet Our Lead Yoga Teacher

Adeline Tien


Adeline Tien (E-RYT 500, YACEP), has been teaching Restorative Yoga at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape since 2008 and brings almost 15 years of restorative yoga teaching experience, into this training. 

She trained with the amazing Jillian Pransky and the knowledgeable Judith Hanson Lasater (Relax and Renew®). She is a certified Advanced Relax and Renew® Trainer, a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher, Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher and a Reiki practitioner. 

Adeline has been practising yoga since 1994 and teaching since 2002. Her students often describe her as a teacher who keeps the yoga practice safe, with simple, clear and precise instructions.

Sweatbox Yoga exhibits professional standards of education in yoga with the highest integrity with guidance through techniques, styles and theories to help you practise safely and teach confidently. You can choose to do the 200 hours online at home or with us at the studio!

This Teacher Training Will:

In This Hands-On, Experiential Training, You Will Learn The Essential Principles And Practices Of Restorative Yoga, including:

Recommended Reading List

Participants Will Receive

Certificate of Completion

As you finish your teacher training courses, you are awarded a certification of completion. This is the document proving your accomplishment and official title as a certified Restorative yoga teacher. It is a stamp to your milestone as a qualified yoga instructor that can teach in yoga classes after this intensive 50 hr yoga training.

Display your certificate by hanging it proudly on your new yoga studio, using it as a reference, or even putting it on your resume to show the yoga world what you’re capable of.

Why This is a Must-Take Course

Experience Learning Yoga

This course is for any yoga teacher interested in understanding restorative yoga in a deeper way; who would like to teach restorative yoga classes; or incorporate restorative poses into their regular yoga classes. More so it is for any one (non-yoga) who is interested in experiencing and learning more about restorative yoga

BW PS Supine Twist 1
Supported child's pose

Complete Experience

Teachers who complete this training will feel confident in their knowledge and understanding of Restorative Yoga, and will be able to lead a Restorative Yoga class safely and effectively. Many 200 hour yoga teacher training programs barely scratch the surface when covering Restorative Yoga and many yoga teachers are teaching restorative yoga classes without the proper training. The Art of Conscious Relaxation 50-hours teacher training provides yoga teachers and practitioners with a clear understanding of Restorative Yoga and its many benefits.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course Full Breakdown


Yoga Asanas, Training and Techniques


Teaching Methodology


Anatomy and Physiology


Yoga Philosophy and Daily Life


Practicum, Exam, Quizzes


Full Price

SGD 2,100


Bundled Price

SGD 4,380


March 20 - April 18 (Weekends Only)

Saturdays & Sundays 08:00AM - 2:00PM

April 26 – June 04

Mondays - Fridays 08:00AM to 11:00AM

Bundled - SGD 4,380

200 hours YTT with 50 hours restorative YTT 

To fit your schedule for both classes, drop a message to us in our live chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned above, you have to complete 200 hours of Yoga Alliance certified teacher training to become a yoga teacher. It may seem long, but it guarantees a substantial and meaningful investment of your time. You can join the sessions either part-time or full-time.

Anyone is eligible to register for the 200-hour teacher training courses. There are a lot of women over 50 who try it and even some who have never done yoga before in their life. We highly recommend that you have at least 6 months of regular yoga practice. If you are a beginner with less than that, you will be required to complete and log an additional 100 hours of classes with Sweatbox Yoga which is excluded from the cost of this course. Otherwise, the only prerequisites are:

  • Full commitment to live meetings attendance
  • Enthusiasm to learn more about the various aspects of yoga
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive relevant feedback
  • An inquisitive mind

It is worth it to register in our 200-hour teacher training program because we have all the courses and modules that consist of everything you need to know about yoga. Our courses are Yoga Alliance certified, which makes our studio credible for your training. Our yoga training courses will enable you to become a qualified and registered yoga teacher. All you have to do is sign up for registration, attend teacher training classes in our yoga school for months and learn about proper yoga teaching methodology, and take an exam to see if you will be officially licensed as a yoga instructor. You will have the certification to launch your own yoga course and teach yoga classes.

It will depend on whether you will be making a one-time payment or an installment. You may make payment for the fee either by Paynow, Bank Transfers, or Paypal.

  • One-time payment costs SGD 2,500
  • Installment costs SGD 2,700

For successful completion of this training, you must watch all prerecorded classes and lectures, attend all live sessions, participate actively in small discussion group forums, complete all assignments, pass all competency quizzes (graded and non-graded), final theory and also teaching exam. We understand that life can sometimes interfere, if you have to miss live classes, you will have access to our class recordings. Please note that overall attendance required is 90%.

Upon completion of this training, graduates will receive a certificate of completion for 200 hours of study with Sweatbox Yoga and register with Yoga Alliance and World Yoga Alliance.

All the classes and assignments should be finished within 8 weeks, from the start of our first live class. As all the resources are available online, you can always revisit the classes and content for your own learning. You can choose to take the theory and practical exam anytime up till maximum of 6 months.If you need support or assistance, you can request for an extension. Unfortunately, all course fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.