Gentle Flow

You will love Gentle Flow yoga. There’s something so luxurious about not being in a hurry to get off the floor, and having the time to really nurture the spine and create space in the body. It’s about breathing and feeling and letting whatever it is be without forcing, while you let your nervous system unwind. Treat yourself to some yummy Gentle yoga with this class. All levels welcomed.

Sweat Level


Gentle And Relaxing Yoga

Sweatbox Yoga’s gentle flow is designed for students to relax and relieve themselves. Yoga workouts have been shown to relieve stress on the mind and body, and our gentle flow classes are specially designed to harness that stress relief.

Smooth Yoga Guidance

Professional yoga teachers will accompany students at every step in their yoga journey. To more effectively express the nuances of gentle flow, yoga instructors with Sweatbox are professionally trained to provide a full and nourishing yoga experience to students.

Convenient Studio Locations

Sweatbox Yoga is conveniently located near the city center for everyone’s easy access. Yoga studio locations include Tanjong Pagar, Orchard, and Bukit Timah, perfect for anyone who wants to pop in for a yoga session, and then heading out again for work, dates, or other engagements.

3 Reasons Why Gentle Flow Is The Best Choice

Seamless Transitions

The style undertaken by gentle flow yoga instructors is one that cares for careful progression and seamless transition of poses and activities. Thus, the smooth transition of yoga positions undertaken by gentle flow workshops is a great choice for yogis focused on easy and relaxing yoga practice. All in all, the gentle flow yoga sequence’s workout regimen is one that is calming yet sweating.

Accommodating for Beginners

Moreover, gentle flow yoga is a great choice for those wanting to practice yoga without the straining and tiring sessions of other yoga styles. However, this does not mean that gentle flow yoga is much easier compared to different yoga workouts. Gentle flow yoga is just as rigorous compared to other yoga styles. But because gentle flow yoga follows facilitating progressions of poses, it creates an illusion of “flowy” yoga sets, thus making it feel easier.

Adherence to Ahimsa

Ahimsa, an inherent belief in non-violence, is intricately intertwined with yoga as a whole. Likewise, gentle flow yoga weaves this specific principle of non-violence into its workout regimen. By the same token, gentle flow yoga promotes ahimsa by not challenging yogis to difficult poses; thus preventing self-doubt and self-judgment in the workout proper of gentle flow yoga.


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