This is a combination of Hiit ™ (High Intensity Interval Training) and Yoga. The session starts with numerous rounds of high intensity exercises with short recovery and Vinyasa style flowing movements. For example, twenty seconds of jumping planks, with ten second rests. In each section, there are different exercises which focus on various areas and movements before moving back into traditional Vinyasa practice and then finally some Pranayama at the end to cool down.

Sweat Level


Yoga Meticulously Planned

For intensive yoga workouts such as HIIT Yoga, it is important to tailor the session’s intensity so that our students’ bodies can be slowly accustomed to the activity levels. Hence, HIIT yoga has to be a carefully planned workshop, so that everyone can benefit from a workout.

Professional Yoga Instruction

To complement the complex and powerful workouts in HIIT Yoga, qualified yoga teachers must also come into the picture. As a professional yoga studio, our yoga teachers are experienced in managing such routines. There will no worries about the safety of such intense yoga sessions.

A Welcoming Yoga Community

Sweatbox Yoga is a yoga studio in Singapore that focuses on building a sense of community within its teachers and students. Our yoga centres in Singapore are a safe space for students to be themselves and express themselves through yoga.

HIIT Yoga and How It Benefits Students

Comprehensive Workout Routine

HIIT yoga studios include powerful poses into its disposition. Correspondingly, this specific workout regimen by HIIT yoga combines the muscle-building trait by HIIT and stabilizing workouts by yogas. Hence, HIIT yoga is a great fit for anyone looking for an intense physical activity that invigorates the whole body and the calming, relaxing benefits of yoga.

Quick and Muscle Building Regimen

From its namesake of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), HIIT yoga sessions mix the stark qualities of quick, explosive, intense workouts of HIIT and zen activities of yoga. Notably, HIIT yoga also activates various types of muscles that make our body stronger. In detail, the fibres of our muscles—fast-twitch and slow-twitch—are heavily activated when undertaking HIIT yoga workouts. This in effect strengthens the body of yogis taking HIIT yoga. Hence, the athletic nature of HIIT yogas ensures tiresome but revitalizing effects on our bodies.

Improved Heart Health

HIIT yoga benefits not only tone our bodies but also improves our overall cardiovascular health. This is because HIIT yoga’s intertwines with intense cardio to its total workout regimen. Likewise, several health experts had already quantified the undeniable benefits of a workout, more so the great effects of HIIT yoga on our physicality. For instance, sports scientists found a direct correlation indicating the benefits of HIIT yoga to the overall heart health of HIIT yogis. A determinant of VO2 max—a volumetric measurement of our body’s usage of oxygen— stroke volume, was found to have increased in those working out in high-intensity regimens.


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