Hot 26 (60 mins)

Want to get into fitness? Time to join this Sweatbox hot yoga class!

Traditional hot yoga, which incorporates 26 postures in a class heated to 35-38 degrees Celsius. Designed for all levels of ability and body types, this class will strengthen and elongate all muscles, cleanse and detoxify cells, irrigate and revitalize joints, and increase cardiovascular stamina. The repeated sequence provides a frame of reference to witness the changes within yourself that result from a consistent practice.

First time to practice yoga? This Sweatbox Yoga workout is great for beginners! Join our hot yoga studio in Singapore today!

Sweat Level


A Safe Choice

Hot yoga is one type of yoga that continues to gain popularity from beginner to advanced-level practitioners. Several yoga studios in Singapore include hot yoga in their schedule of classes. Just like traditional yoga, hot yoga has evolved over the years, and many variations have surfaced, each of them offering many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. This is definitely one of the best yoga classes especially for those who are trying out yoga for the first time.

Heated Room Yoga

The common feature of the different hot yoga styles is that all classes are performed in a heated room to make a person sweat, stimulating the process of body detoxification. The ideal temperature is between 92 (33o Celsius) and 105 (40o Celsius) degrees Fahrenheit. The heat combined with the intense workout accelerates heart rate and blood circulation and lets the body release more sweat. When a person sweats, toxins are flushed out of the body through the skin. Doing the poses taught by the yoga instructor will cause even more perspiration to take place.

Hot Yoga For All

Sweatbox Yoga instructors are experienced in running hot yoga workshops. Under the instructors’ care and guidance, hot yoga practitioners of all levels will find themselves learning significantly in our classes. Keep healthy with hot yoga, safely and rigorously. It is a very inclusive type of workout that enables yoga students to take their time to grow with other yoga students.

Why Should You Try Hot26 Yoga Classes?

Increases Strength and Endurance

In our hot yoga workshop session, the yoga teachers help and guide the students to perform a series of 26 different poses. While performing these postures, almost all muscle groups are engaged which makes it a form of strength training and cardio workout. Regular sessions in a hot yoga studio or a warm space strengthen all systems of the body from head to toe. Heated yoga builds muscle strength because muscles are used to support body weight. While holding different poses, muscles are toned in balance with each other which helps in stabilizing the spine, increasing mobility of joints, easing lower back pain, and firming the waistline, abdomen, hip, thighs, and buttocks. In addition to removing bodily toxins, Hot26 yoga also helps improve digestion, blood circulation, and the immune system. Hot 26 yoga also boosts sexual vitality and clears up any reproductive health problems. To sum it up, this training is a great way for us to improve our health and fitness.

Boosts Flexibility

The series of Hot26 movements let the body move in a wide range of motion without putting additional stress on the muscles and joints. While uncomfortable at first, mindful practice can create a system of muscle memory. Muscle memory increases familiarity with a particular pose, and the longer that position is held, each muscle, tendon, and ligament become more elastic and mobile. Being more flexible not only makes movements more graceful, but it also helps in performing any physical activity, e.g. lifting or pushing heavy objects or playing sports, with a decreased risk of injury. The precise movements and smooth flow of yoga let the body stretch better.

Improves Focus and Concentration

Hot26 yoga poses require calm breathing while performing different postures. This helps boost mental relaxation and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Executing and holding some of the poses in Hot26 yoga also takes a lot of focus and concentration. This trains brain strength and will translate from the hot yoga studio to everyday life, making tasks that need clarity, concentration, and memory easier to do.


Is hot yoga good for you?

Hot yoga classes are proven to be good for the body because it allows you to exercise in a room with high temperature that ultimately causes you to sweat. Sweating is a good way to detoxify to remove all the toxins and other unnecessary substances inside of you. It increases your flexibility, your cardiovascular power and it nourishes the skin as well. Hot yoga and yoga, in general, is a must need activity in your life! This workout is suitable for both men and women.

Can you lose weight doing hot yoga?

Some experts believe that doing hot yoga can help you burn more calories. Doing the yoga poses and stretches in a warm room may contribute to weight loss. However, this is not exactly backed up by scientific research. Yoga can help you burn more calories if you accompany it with other physical activities.

Can I do hot yoga at home?

It is possible to do hot yoga at home—and it’s even more convenient! A lot of us have no choice but to do our usual activities from home because of the situation and yoga is not an exception to that. If you find yourself unable to go to yoga studios to attend classes, do not worry. Hot yoga can be done at home as long as you have available space and equipment, just make sure to keep the room where you exercise at the required high temperature to get that body sweating as you practice your poses. You can watch a yoga instructor or teacher on a video to guide you with the flow of the workout.