Hot Core

This class works intensely on the core muscles in a heated room. Abdominal and back strengthening poses and breathing exercises will help to build the connection between upper body and lower body. We encourage all levels to participate.

*This class is not for pregnant women*

Sweat Level


Sweat It Out

In this hot core yoga workshop, enjoy the workout in a heated room designed especially for yoga students to detoxify their body. Enjoy an environment with elevated temperatures, a full workout, and complete yoga facilities in Singapore.

Fun Yoga Experience

Sweatbox Yoga believes in making its lessons interesting, engaging and enjoyable for all its students. Core yoga workshops are no exceptions, as our yoga studio extends these beliefs to all of our classes.

Fully Equipped Yoga Studios

Sweatbox Yoga’s three studios in Tanjong Pagar, Orchard, and Bukit Timah are fully equipped with yoga equipment such as mats, props and blocks. Never feel unprepared walking into class as our studios with a view have got students covered.

3 Reasons Why Hot Core Yoga is Best for Your Body

Promotes Good Posture

Practising hot core yoga movements, whether in a heated room or hot core yoga studio, strengthens the core or centre of the body, which includes the waist, abdomen, lower back and pelvis. Core-strengthening poses train the muscles from the torso down to the lower back, aligning and strengthening the limbs and body. An improved posture makes the body look more confident and prevents the risk of vertebrae injury and degeneration. Hot Core Yoga workshops stretch and strengthen core muscles, helping alleviate discomfort, enhance flexibility and mobility and improve spine support, especially for those dealing with acute or chronic back pains.

Supports Safer Movement

Consistent hot core yoga workshops increase muscle elasticity and the range of motion the body can perform. When a person develops core strength, everyday tasks, such as carrying groceries, walking up a flight of stairs or reaching for a book high up in a shelf, are less strenuous. For athletes or dancers, strong core muscles will help improve performance and lessen the risk of being injured.

Helps the Body Detoxify

After a hot core yoga workshop, the skin looks more radiant and supple. With the sustained poses and the heated environment, the body will produce more sweat. In the process, more blood cells and oxygen come in contact with the skin and stimulates the release of unwanted dirt, bacteria and other impurities.


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