Hot Flow

Flow yoga integrates increased movement and breath correlation to the various postures. In a class heated to 35-38 degrees celsius, the heat will provide for a detoxifying sweat while you flow through a dynamic sequence of postures following your breath.

Recommended for intermediate practitioners

Sweat Level


Hot Room Practice

Hot flow yoga in Singapore helps students remove toxins from their bodies through exercise. The heated room encourages the body to sweat and removes harmful substances from the body. Hence, think of it as an environment that forces the body to push substances out.

Yoga Relaxation

Sweatbox Yoga believes that yoga classes have to be enjoyable and relaxing. Life in Singapore can get busy, and yoga workouts can serve as a short break from that. A good yoga session can be rejuvenating for the body.

Qualified Hot Flow Instructors

Sweatbox Yoga has certified hot flow instructors taking charge of workshops. With professional instruction, yoga lessons are safe and carefully planned. Our instructors are trained to handle hot flow practitioners of all levels.

3 Reasons Why Hot Flow Yoga Is Recommended

Aids in Weight Loss

Hot flow yoga workshops are typically a fusion of many yoga styles, and classes may vary from one yoga studio to another. But regardless of the session, practicing hot flow yoga helps the body burn significant amounts of calories. Similar to jogging, jumping jacks, or aerobics, holding different poses makes the heart pump more blood, and it also boosts the metabolic rate. Since classes are practiced in a heated room, participants will be sweating a lot, leading to water weight loss and feeling less bloated. This is just a summarized version of the benefits taking a hot yoga lesson.

Improves Mood

Breathing is key to a relaxed mind and spirit. When doing yoga poses in the sweltering heat, it is vital to learn various breathing techniques. A person must be to control the body through deep breathing and meditation to hold yoga poses longer and deeper. Regular hot flow yoga practice also helps put a person in a better, more positive mindset. As one performs different poses and breathing techniques, the brain produces more endorphins, which serve as natural pain relievers that help reduce pain, stress, and anxiety.

Boosts Overall Physical Health

Hot Flow Yoga postures work different muscles and tone them at the same time. Not only do the muscles become stronger and more pliable, but all other organs in the body are releasing toxins. In effect, energy levels increase, the immune system becomes strong, and the body feels invigorated. Hot flow yoga also relaxes muscles and lets a person meditate simultaneously, helping them stay physically active and mentally healthy.