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Hot Flow

An intense but exciting hot yoga class that will challenge you!

Experience life-changing hot yoga classes involving increased movement and breath correlation in the execution of various yoga postures. This is a type of yoga practice done in a room with a high temperature that will get your body sweating and your heart rate increasing. Nothing beats a rejuvenating yoga workout where you get to do a dynamic sequence of poses and movements that follows proper breath techniques. A highly experienced instructor will teach you the importance of balance, focus, and power as you transition from one standing posture to the next. This is the perfect place for you to sweat your way to fitness.

This yoga class is recommended for students on the intermediate level due to the more complex sequences and challenging environment.

Sweat Level


Hot Yoga Practice

Sweat and detoxify by practicing yoga in a room with a high temperature. Doing one pose to another keeps the body moving. The heated studio makes it easier for you to stretch your body to get into the postures more accurately. This is the very environment where students will perspire to force out the harmful substances in the body.

Yoga Relaxation

Despite the intensity and the fast pace of hot yoga sequences, we believe that yoga is the process of learning to develop the skill of channeling your inner energy. It's also one of the best ways to relax through meditation and breath exercises. You can reduce the stress and anxiety that you get from everyday life.

A qualified instructor

Sweatbox Yoga has certified hot flow instructors taking charge of workshops. With their background and experience teaching yoga classes and the various postures, they are without a doubt the perfect mentors in guiding you throughout the hot yoga practice. Every class will be meaningful and memorable for the students because of what they learned.

Why should you practice Bikram yoga flow?

A class that aids in weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, both Bikram yoga/hot yoga and vinyasa yoga are competing for the crown. However, both seem to prove that they’re good ways to support your weight loss journey. Bikram yoga/hot yoga, in particular, helps the body burn significant amounts of calories. Just like other physical activities such as jogging, aerobics, and jumping jacks, you can make your heart pump more blood while holding the different poses. This also helps you increase your metabolic rate. As you sweat in Bikram yoga/hot yoga classes, you sweat a lot which leads to losing water weight and feeling less bloated.

A class that improves your mood

Breathing is key to a relaxed mind and spirit. When doing yoga poses in the sweltering heat, it is vital to learn various breathing techniques. A person must learn how to control the body through deep breathing and meditation to hold yoga every yoga pose longer and deeper. Regular practice of hot yoga/Bikram yoga flow also helps put a person in a better, more positive mindset. As one performs different poses and breathing techniques, the brain produces more endorphins, which serve as natural pain relievers that help reduce pain, stress, and anxiety.

A class that boosts your overall physical health and wellness

By doing the motion and movements of the sequence of postures, you tend to engage different muscle groups and tone them at the same time. Not only do the muscles become stronger and more pliable, but all other organs in the body are releasing toxins. This, in turn, increase your energy levels and strengthens your immune system. Your body will start to feel invigorated. Hot flow also relaxes muscles and lets a person meditate simultaneously, helping them stay physically active and mentally healthy.


Learn the Bikram yoga/Hot yoga flow with the best studio in Singapore!

When it comes to hot flow yoga (or any style of yoga), we know what’s best for our students. Our instructors have a variety of sequences that yoga practitioners may follow. The heated room combined with the movement, poses, and breath techniques will surely help you get into wellness.

If you’re aching for a hot yoga lesson, this is where you should be.

Can beginners also do hot flow?

Hot flow is open to students of all levels. It’s also being recommended more for intermediate levels due to the intensity and more complex transition of postures. But this class is a good way to develop strength, flexibility, focus, and breathwork. It would be much safer if you are not susceptible to heatstroke.

What should I eat after hot flow?

Concerning food, you can eat a heavier meal than what you had before the yoga class. Make sure to eat a healthy mix of fat, carbs, and protein to help your muscles recover.

How many times should I attend hot flow classes?

It would be ideal to practice this yoga class as much as possible. The more you do, the faster you will see progress and earn results. If you want good results, you can try practicing at least 3 times a week. You can upgrade to 4 or more times per week if you really want life-changing results.