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Kids Yoga Class

Our Kids Yoga class uses yoga as a platform to introduce children to a healthier lifestyle from a young age. Everyone knows that yoga improves our flexibility, range of motion and balance. Scientific research has shown that children who practice yoga benefit from an increase in self-confidence, self-discipline, concentration, ability to deal with emotions and stress better too.

Our yoga classes for children are fun, dynamic and interactive while keeping in mind the safety aspect of each child. The class incorporates games as well as cooperative play to introduce them to different yoga poses. We use various props and imaginative games during the class to help the children gain ecological and anatomical knowledge as they imitate poses after flora and fauna.

Our objective is not to teach challenging yoga poses during the class. We focus our attention on teaching the children basic techniques for relaxation, self-control, and stress-release to improve their overall health and well-being. Let your child experience yoga in Singapore!

Sweat Level


Safe For Kids

Teachers in charge of kids’ yoga are careful in planning routines that are suitable for children. These instructors are qualified to work with children and are specialists in their yoga style.

Fun For Children

What better way for children to expend their energy productively than to do so in yoga lessons? Kids in our yoga lessons can have fun and get healthy at the same time.

Accessible Studios

With yoga studios right in downtown, look no further for kids’ yoga in Tanjong Pagar, Bukit Timah and Orchard. Pick up your children right after class for some family time!

Why Yoga Is The Best Option For Children

Yoga Improves Sleep For Children

Yoga for children works wonders for their rest time. While most may simply believe that kids are stress-free, children are merely stressed about different things. Kids can get easily stressed about their school life, friends and even their co-curricular activities. Children require the release provided by yoga just as much as adults do. Yoga for children gives them a productive outlet for young minds to release their stress and learn to deal with their emotions, enabling them to relax and rest at home, just as the parents would love. An improved mood goes a long way to the well-being of children.

A Solid Physical Foundation

Yoga for kids is a great method to build strength in a safe environment. The benefits of yoga for parents is not far from that for kids. Even though children may have flexible bodies, they can be taught how to maintain their flexibility, while building their core strength through yoga. Yoga asanas can also teach children the correct posture and instill a habit in children. Sweatbox yoga’s instructors are experienced in balancing intensity and relaxation, to a level fit for children.

Opportunity for Mental Development

Yoga in Singapore requires practitioners to pay attention to postures, breathing techniques and balance. Hence, yoga gives children an opportunity to sharpen their minds by concentrating and focusing on the details in their body movement. This increases the children’s attention spans as well, helping them focus on activities outside of yoga school. In addition, yoga trains kids to stay determined, as there are some poses that could be slightly challenging for young children. The value of perseverance is important for success. Having children experience Sweatbox’s yoga asanas can help this value stay with them in their lives.