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Movement & Mobility for Seniors

Whether it’s by recovering from an old injury or by simply walking or climbing stairs, many seniors may find themselves in need of assistance when performing activities of daily living. A decrease in physical activity weakens muscles and stiffens joints and as we age, this may hamper our mobility and affect our independence.

Staying active is the best way to keep your body strong and your mind engaged at whatever stage in your life. Seniors fitness classes are here for older adults who want to increase their fitness levels, build their muscle strength and improve their balance so they can stay healthy, feel less stress and make the most of their golden years.

Functional fitness training is an exercise program designed to be low-impact and focuses on functional exercises that can aid you as you go about performing daily tasks and perform everyday activities.

Movement & Mobility Classes for Seniors are only available in our Toa Payoh Fitness Studio.

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Our fitness studios provide a safe and clean environment for you to enjoy classes that will not only challenge your body but will also challenge your mind. Enjoy expert-led classes and make new friends as you enjoy our facilities that were designed with your comfort in mind. As an added challenge, equipment is available such as resistance bands and medicine balls that can aid you in your workout.

SG’s Top Geriatric Mobility Instructors

Our experienced yoga instructors have curated functional fitness classes that will strengthen multiple muscle groups, engage your mind and challenge your spirit. Let them be your guide to a healthy and active life so you can feel stronger than ever before. They will lead you through the best exercises to correct muscular imbalances and improve muscular strength.

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At Sweatbox Singapore, we help you maintain your health, your wellness and your independence. We make sure that the time you invest in your fitness level is beneficial to your overall health. Attend functional fitness classes that are tailored to meet you at your fitness level and challenge you throughout your journey to better health. Whether you want to maintain a healthy weight or get your blood pressure under control, Sweatbox Fitness is here to help you reach your goal.

3 Reasons Why Movement & Mobility Class for Seniors Is The Best Fitness Practice

Improves coordination and balance

Functional fitness exercises help you move about your day by improving your physical fitness. It incorporates a full-body workout that trains your body and mind to coordinate with each other so you can accomplish tasks with ease. Strength training also works to improve core strength and balance which help reduce the risks of falls.

Improves heart and lung function

An active lifestyle helps work the lungs and heart. The more you exercise, the stronger these muscles become resulting in improved lung capacity and cardiovascular health and endurance. Exercises like circuit training also increase blood flow and allow more oxygen to circulate and be delivered throughout the body.

Safe and Functional exercises

Our functional fitness classes for seniors are low-impact to prevent falls and unwanted injury. Experienced instructors will be with you to guide you through the program and to ensure your form and technique is correct so you can make the most out of your workout. These exercises will help you maintain your independence and perform activities of daily living with ease.


What is functional fitness for seniors? 

Functional fitness help seniors perform daily activities with ease by mimicking movements executed in their day to day routine and incorporating them into their workout. This improves coordination as well as strength and balance.

Can Movement & Mobility Class for Seniors strengthen their legs?

Functional exercise strengthens both the lower body and the upper body. It includes exercises that are low impact full-body workouts, endurance training and strength training.

What is the best primal movement for improving mobility in seniors?

May it be in the gym or just at home, daily movement is key to keeping muscles active and engaged. Simple stretching and walking can be very beneficial as it retains your range of motion and gets your blood flowing.