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Prenatal Yoga Class Singapore

Join our yoga studio as we help you prepare for motherhood through this art of yoga!

Prenatal Yoga classes involve breathing exercises, physical movements, and postures with the goal of helping women to manage uncertainties with the body and mind. Benefits of prenatal yoga include:

  • toning of muscles
  • building strength
  • maintaining flexibility
  • improving balance and blood circulation
  • reducing swelling, joint inflammation, back pain, prenatal blues, and insomnia

Join our prenatal yoga classes and feel inspired and nourished in a community sharing the experience of pregnancy and birth fused with the life-changing art of yoga. Each course is 6-weeks long in duration and the class is organized once weekly. You can repeat the course again after completion.

Note: 24 hours advance booking is required

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Safe Yoga For Pregnant Women

For new or expectant moms, they are often worried about their body's preparation for childbirth. Fortunately, prenatal yoga class exists and is the most suitable workout. In this class, the intensity of the poses is controlled as we help pregnant women get into their best shape during their pre-labor period. It will allow women to move their bodies into fitness without worrying about possibly harming their babies. The breathing and postures done in prenatal will most definitely help women be more prepared for labor. Contact our yoga studio for a consultation!

Join the Prenatal Yoga Movement in Singapore

Do not be worried because you will not be alone in our yoga classes. Yoga is known to be an open and social type of workout where you get to exercise with other people who have the same goals as you. Meet up with a group of like-minded parents in yoga prenatal classes and enjoying getting into the art of yoga together. Our prenatal yoga class aims to help pregnant ladies in their journey towards a safe delivery.

Professional Pregnancy Yoga Teachers

Sweatbox Yoga’s pregnancy yoga instructors are trained professionals. Our certified experts have carefully planned the class for students, especially in such important periods of their lives. They are well-informed and knowledgeable when it comes to helping females deal with the changes that their bodies go through as they carry their babies for months in their belly.

Why Should You Start Taking Prenatal Yoga Classes?

To Reduce Maternal Anxiety

Prenatal yoga classes focus less on the intensive parts of yoga, but more on achieving inner peace and calmness. Maternal stress can be debilitating, and some instructors who are mothers themselves can attest to this. There are significant doubts that can come to expectant mothers which can be tamed by gentle stretching and breathing techniques. Postnatal yoga in Singapore also helps remove maternal anxiety. Engaging in yoga classes will help you become more open and ready for the big changes that will be taking place in your life.

To Prepare For Motherhood Together

First-time mother and feeling overwhelmed to try prenatal? Don’t worry! One of the best benefits of joining a prenatal yoga workshop in Singapore is access to a group of like-minded expectant moms that face the same challenges. It gives a sense of connection in trying times when conditions are unfamiliar and new problems lie ahead. Yoga for mothers becomes another outlet to understand and empathize with each other. Sharing one’s pregnancy experience with others is a good way to get affirmation and self-belief. It is a practice that strengthens every pregnant woman’s sense of self especially if surrounded by others who are going through the same thing.

To Get Ready For The Baby

Prenatal yoga classes prepare both expectant and new mothers for life with the baby. For expectant mothers, prenatal yoga focuses on building strength in the abdominal muscles that come into play during labor. It also strengthens your lower back and relieves its pain and discomfort. Prenatal yoga also helps students get a clearer head and stay calm to enjoy healthier and smoother labor. Pregnant ladies who join prenatal yoga sessions generally experience a healthier pregnancy in general.


Best Prenatal Classes In Singapore For Your Road To Motherhood

If you’re a soon-to-be mom and looking for a way to get your body prepared for labor, contact our yoga studio! We offer a prenatal class package at a convenient location in Singapore that will help you adjust to the changes in your body as you carry your baby and even everything else that takes place before birth. You can try out certain types of yoga classes just like Ashtanga yoga! Other than regular doctor visits and reading your go-to book about pregnancy, it’s also important to maintain active physical activity to avoid any pain or disease.

Follow us for the full details. Practice prenatal yoga with us in our studio now!

When should you start prenatal yoga classes?

It is okay to attend prenatal yoga classes in the first trimester of your pregnancy. However, if you are not feeling at all well or are experiencing things like morning sickness, it would be best to just rest for a while and join the class when you are feeling better. Morning sickness pass usually in the second trimester.

Is participating in yoga classes safe during pregnancy or pre-birth?

Many studies have proven that doing prenatal yoga is beneficial to the body of a woman carrying a baby. It involves doing stretches and breathing that are good for the physique of a soon-to-be mom and will definitely help ready herself for labor. It is not the type of exercise that requires excessive and energetic movements. It’s more of strengthening the body and mind per class.

Is prenatal yoga class worth it?

Prenatal class is a worthy investment because it involves improving the physical and psychological state of women months before they deliver their babies. It will reduce the chances of experiencing difficulties in pregnancy.

Can doing yoga cause a miscarriage?

Some experts say that doing yoga within the first trimester is risky. Some also believe that a pregnant woman doing yoga is better if she had already been doing it before. The important thing is to know which yoga poses are allowed during pregnancy. There are poses that are good, including the ones under prenatal yoga, and there are those that aren’t. Never hesitate to consult a medical professional or a pregnancy book first to ensure the safety of the future mom.

Yoga is a good exercise when modified for each of the pregnancy stages to avoid any complications.