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Quiet Time Meditation

A non-religious class designed for self-reflection, Quiet Time incorporates Yoga Nidra & Qigong Meditation elements. Suitable for all!—Destress now

Sweat Level


Hot Room Yoga

Hot Hatha is a variation of the Hatha style which observes a more dynamic routine, and as the name suggests, Hot Hatha Yoga Studios are heated usually around 38-42 degrees. The heat and sweat bring more benefits than imagined!

Professional Yoga School

Sweatbox yoga has trained instructors who are more than qualified to organize yoga sessions for students. Our teachers aim to bring the best out of all students using rigorous but focused yoga routines that are tailored to each student’s levels.

The Number 1 Yoga Brand

Sweatbox yoga aims to use its brand to gather yoga practitioners of all levels to its workshops and events. Doing so would allow the spreading and exchanging of tips, ideas, and guidance among yoga practitioners. Join our yoga community today!

3 Reasons Why Hot Hatha Is The Best Yoga Choice

Relieves stress and tension

The higher temperature soothes the muscles and relieves it from tension. Hot yoga workshops also let students stretch a little bit more without the strain, improving flexibility without tension for the muscles. Hot Hatha usually uses more breathing and slower movements, which helps calm the heart and lower blood pressure leaving practitioners relaxed and refreshed. The enhanced breathing capacity and control also helps in reducing anxiety and allows students to calm down when necessary, by practising the right breathing techniques.

Improves circulation and digestion

Hot hatha yoga instructors promote this style for the heat incorporated with the routine improves circulation and digestion, improving overall health. The breathing methods used in this warm routine is also therapeutic for the lungs, adding to the overall calming effect. This style also makes the skin better as it opens the pores and lets them breathe.

Promotes detoxification

The routine and the heated room help regulate the glandular and endocrinal systems, speeding up the elimination of toxins from the body. The warmth involved in Hot Hatha promotes detoxification which boosts the immune system as well. For Weight Loss, Hot Hatha will work best combined with a proper diet. Join us today and change your lifestyle!