Vinyasa Flow

A non-hot class that uses movement and breath together to produce a “flow” of postures that lead naturally from one to the next to create a deep and soothing yoga practice that recognizes each student’s individual strengths and limitations. The body is in motion much of the class. This level class is suitable for students of various experience levels. A wide offering of postures including arm balances and inversions may be offered in this class. Expect to sweat loads and have tons of fun!

Intermediate level & above. Recommended for advanced practitioners. Must be familiar with Sun Salutations.

Sweat Level


A Professional Yoga Studio

With certified yoga teachers, Sweatbox Yoga is equipped with the best facilities and yoga minds to craft an enjoyable and effective vinyasa flow yoga experience for students. Enjoy a tailored workout schedule and sweat with us!

Across All Yoga Styles

Sweatbox Yoga specializes across yoga styles, not just for vinyasa flow. Our yoga studio in Singapore holds classes in almost every yoga style found in the world today. Get the full yoga experience with Sweatbox today.

The Yoga Family

Sweatbox Yoga aims to form a tight-knit yoga community in Singapore. From holding events, to workshops, the studio aims to foster a sense of belonging for all who practise yoga, so that they may learn from each other whenever, and wherever they meet.

Why Vinyasa Flow Is The Best Yoga For You

Calorie Burning

Vinyasa yoga is proven to be beneficial for those seeking to burn a strenuous amount of calories in their workout sessions. Now, while there are several factors affecting the number of calories burnt while working out with vinyasa flow, the general number would be around 590 calories per hour of yoga workout.

Diversity in Practice

Vinyasa yoga is inherently diverse and flexible in practice. Likewise, there are no specific guidelines for performing vinyasa flow. This is because vinyasa yoga is meant to be flouted to be personalized. This helps yogis to maintain their control over their workout regimen, without feeling forced to certain uncomfortable poses. As long as the breath-synchronous activities are done, vinyasa will prove to be beneficial.

Progressive Stances

Moreover, vinyasa’s constant changing of synchronous movements helps in realigning the spinal column and strength-building of its practitioners. Likewise, as previously stated, vinyasa yoga’s stances depend on personal diversity. Thus, the progressive stances of vinyasa are leaning on the skill level of the yogi. All in all, a vinyasa yoga class is sure to leave practitioners feeling refreshed and revitalized.