Yoga Core

This class works intensely on the core muscles. Abdominal strengthening poses and breathing exercises will help to build the connection between upper body and lower body. We encourage all levels to participate but it is best to first develop a good foundation of the techniques and theory taught in the Hot 26 class. This class is not for pregnant women

Sweat Level


Know Your Body

Core Yoga helps students understand their body better. Its strengths, its weaknesses and how it responds to yoga asanas. Use that knowledge to learn what is best for one’s own body.

Fun Workouts

Sweatbox yoga ensures that its yoga curriculum is designed for the maximum enjoyment of the students. Sweatbox encourages students to work out in a fun and sustainable way.

Qualified Yoga Teachers

Sweatbox yoga’s teachers are certified yoga instructors and are experts in core yoga. Expect top quality yoga lessons with meticulously planned routines for the comfort of students from all levels.

Core Yoga’s Main Benefits

Builds Core Strength

Core Yoga trains the center of the body, from which an alarmingly high number of problems originate. Bad posture, back pains – these are issues that originate from the untrained or neglected core muscles. Core yoga starts the strengthening from the inside and helps develop the stability of the body in the long term. Yoga asanas used will be focused on strengthening particular muscle groups around the core region, such as the obliques. This helps your bodily functions, such as motor functions and coordination as well.

Improves General Health

Many important organs are located around the core area and strengthening the muscles around these organs can aid the functions of these organs. For example, the diaphragm sits near the top of the core and assists the functions of the heart and lungs. Strengthening the diaphragm via diaphragmatic breathing will help cardiovascular strength and posture. A strong abdominal also promotes digestion.

Feel Confident

The key causes of bad posture can either be lethargy from spending long hours at work or a lack of use of the core muscles. Take core yoga sessions as a temporary break from work, and step away from sitting poorly at a chair. Poor posture often carries over to daily activities, such as walking, and could develop into lower back pains later if not paid attention to. To straighten and strengthen spine support, yoga asanas that strengthen abdominals will be taught. By strengthening the support muscles for the spine, Sweatbox yoga is able to help correct posture issues, and bring students a more confident walking posture. Join our yoga studio in Orchard today!


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