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A flabby waist comes with love handles and distracting bulges that are hard to eliminate. But getting rid of belly fat entails lots of hard work. 

Yoga is among the many exercises fitness enthusiasts do to achieve a flat belly. It’s a wellness practice involving the mind and body connection. 

Yoga poses will not only help you lose belly fat. They involve routines that will benefit the entire body. 

Yoga is not only an exercise. It’s a lifestyle.

In 2021, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) partnered with the wellness app and a leading global wellness aggregator ClassPass. The project aims to pursue the country’s goal of turning it into an urban wellness haven. ClassPass allows Singaporeans easier access to workout classes that include yoga poses.

Studies show that yoga poses are effective in getting rid of belly fat by toning the abdominal muscles. Yoga involves different poses, techniques, yoga asanas, and practices that aim to help its practitioners enjoy its mind and body health benefits and become one with the universe.

When you practice yoga, your goal goes beyond your longing to reduce belly fat, get rid of unhealthy body fat, or have a flat stomach. The focus is on reaching the state of enlightenment, which you can achieve after perfecting the yoga asanas and poses that unify your mind, body, and spirit. 

Yoga is a mindfulness practice that can help you get a toned body and inner peace at the same time. 

However, yoga is not for the weak heart. You need to commit to doing the exercises, attending yoga classes, and turning your back on unhealthy food habits. 

This article will explore the top five yoga poses to reduce belly fat by exercising the abdominal muscles and the entire body. I’ll let you into the secrets of having a sexy midsection as you learn how to reduce belly fat by learning yoga postures.

If you are ready to begin your weight loss journey, read on.

5 Yoga Poses for Flat Abs

Now that you are ready to embark on your weight loss journey, here are the top five yoga poses to help you achieve a flat tummy:

Tree Pose (Vriskshasana)

As its name suggests, the body resembles a tree when doing the pose. This classic standing yoga pose is among the easiest and best yoga poses. It is typically used as a starting position.

Aside from a flat stomach, tree pose strengthens the core, back, and lower body muscles, making it a unique and effective whole-body exercise.


  1. Stand straight with the shoulder blades relaxed, your feet flat on the yoga mat, and your legs hip-width apart.

  2. Take in deep breaths as you hold this position. Begin this yoga pose by bearing weight on the dominant leg (ex. left leg) with arms firmly on the sides of the body.

  3. Shift weight to your right leg and press your left foot to the right leg.

  4. Once the balance is attained, slowly lift your arms to the sky. Afterwards, lower down arms and do the salutation pose (press hands together). Hold this position for a couple of breaths.

  5. Do the same thing on the other leg with your right foot pressed to the left leg.

Varied Downward Facing Dog Poses for the Entire Body (Adho Mukha Svanasa)

Downward dog is famous and fun yoga pose is quite challenging, but it will give you a flat tummy since it works on the core muscles and can improve your metabolic rate.

The downward facing dog pose exercises the whole body forms, helps you attain a flat stomach, improves blood circulation and gives you a rejuvenating stretch. Downward dog also comes in various poses wherein the body resembles the stance of a dog.


  1. First, come down to the floor on all fours, keeping flat toes form, with arms and knees hip-width distance apart.

  2. Practice deep breathing. Inhale deeply and, upon exhalation, raise your hip towards the ceiling. Next, straighten your arms and legs so your end position will form an upside-down “v” shape.

  3. Keep your fingers and toes planted firmly on the ground. 

  4. You can stay in the static position for a couple of breaths or try our suggested variations.

  5. Downward facing dog poses to high-plank: Move to a high-plank pose by moving into a push-up position.

  6. Make sure to keep the body parallel to the ground. You can stay in this position or do as many repetitions.

  7. Downward facing dog to cobra pose: Inhale deeply and move to a high plank. Gently lower to the floor upon exhalation.

  8. Roll shoulders back as you take a deep breath, elbows in, with palms pressed to the floor. Gently send the chest forward. Try to hold the position for a couple of breaths.

Extended Boat Pose to Reduce Belly Fat

Looking for a bit of a challenge? Try this seated forward bend pose that boosts core strength and balance while helping you achieve a flatter belly. Here are the steps to follow to perform the extended boat pose.


  1. Start in a seating position, with your leg straight and extended in front. Keep your back straight and slowly lean back, with your hands behind the hip for support.

  2. Gently lift your legs off the floor, keeping your core tight and activated. Make sure that the legs and body are at a 45-degree angle. Once ready, slowly reach both arms out to the sides.

  3. Hold the position for a couple of breaths and relax.

Cobra pose (Bhujagasana)

This is among the effective yoga asanas that help you lose weight and attain a flat tummy. It’s a great pose to stretch the core, tummy region, and back. It enables you to develop a flat stomach while giving you an excellent release from tension.

The cobra pose is similar to the Superman pose and is recommended for those having problems with weight gain. It targets the arm muscles, making it a good upper-body workout. The movements aid in healing digestive disorders and relieve stress.


  1. Start on all fours, with palms and feet planted to the floor. Feel your body weight as you keep your knees bent.

  2. Gently lower down with the arms glued to the body and the elbows tucked in.

  3. Inhale as you send the chest forward. Try to hold the position and practice controlled breathing.

Plank Pose with Variations (Kumbhakasana)

This is among the famous yoga poses that target the core and the entire body. This yoga pose effectively develops a flat tummy and maintains a healthy menstrual cycle.

You can begin the exercise by doing a camel pose, bow pose, or a corpse pose. Once geared up, be ready to finally eliminate the unwanted tummy fat. Follow along!


  1. Start in a table-top position. Bring hands underneath your shoulders and knees under your hips. Keep your pelvis forward and press the balls of the feet firmly to the floor. 

  2. Try to keep the hips in a line. Avoid rounding the shoulders and raising the hips too high. Try to hold the position.

  3. If the position is too tough, you can lower your knees or ease your left heel for a couple of seconds.


  • Side-plank

    Start by lying on your right side, with your legs straight and feet stacked on top of one another. Keep elbows at a right angle.

    Then, gently lift off the hips from the mat. Keep your body straight as you try to hold the position and repeat on your other side.

All about Abs: Muscle and Fat

In 2014, the popularity of yoga and all its varieties hit Singapore, with most Yoga studios fully packed. Many practitioners turn to yoga to develop a healthy routine that is effective in toning your right arm and left arm, right shoulder and left shoulder, right hip and left hip, right knee and left knee, and more.

Yoga goes beyond a raised foot pose or a standing forward bend. You can practice the yoga poses listed above that can give you a flat tummy in no time.

Muscles of the Abdominal Organs

The abdominal muscles, commonly known as core muscles, are a group of muscles located in the trunk region. They are situated between the ribs and the pelvis.

The purpose of these muscles is to support the trunk region – protecting the vital structures around the area (especially the spine) and keeping your balance.

Keeping these muscles toned and worked out will result in a flat tummy.

The four main abdominal muscles are following:

  • Rectus abdominis: AKA the “six-pack”

  • Tranversus abdominis: its action is like that of a weight lifting belt

  • Internal and external obliques: are found on the sides of the rectus abdominis. 

Recent trends in fitness are the “11- line abs” seen in numerous K-celebrities. The muscles targetted here are the oblique muscles giving you that enviable vertical line definition, like the number 11.

Another trend is the 8-pack abs. It is said that the number of ab muscles depends solely on genetics, making the few lucky winners of the genetic lottery.  

Visceral Fat

Belly fat is affected and influenced by many factors, including poor eating habits, gender, heredity, and hormones. It is crucial to eat healthy food if you want a flat tummy.

This fat may either be subcutaneous or visceral. Subcutaneous fat is found underneath the skin. It is deposited by fat cells in a layer called the Adipose tissue layer.

It is what we can pinch off from our sides, bellies, or what jiggles in our arms. It is said that women have more subcutaneous fat than men.

Meanwhile, visceral fat is a type of fat located in deeper layers since it surrounds the organs. It is studied that men have a higher predisposition to accumulating this fat in the abdomen area. 

Final Words

Yoga is such an amazing practice that improves not only physical health but also mental health and general well-being. Still struggling with where to start?Please visit Sweatbox Yoga, the best yoga studio Singapore, to get in touch with amazing and world-class professional yoga teachers. Do give vinyasa yoga a try and see the difference. See you!

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