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Reasons Why You Should Take A Private Yoga Class

What Our Private Yoga Class Can Do For You

Unlike group classes, private yoga classes are a one-on-one experience with a dedicated instructor. Historically, Yoga was taught one-on-one whereby an experienced teacher would assess each student’s needs, limitations and create a unique, personalized yoga practice to move the student towards a specific goal. Taking a private yoga session is incredibly effective and efficient. Students typically accomplish more in a few private classes than with months or years of regular group practice.

1. Fitting your personalized schedule

Sometimes being able to schedule a yoga class that suits your timing can be incredibly difficult. We live hectic lives and making the time to practice is an important element of yoga, and private lessons can accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

2. Getting started in yoga training

With no prior experience in yoga, most students can feel intimidated and overwhelmed in a group class, especially during the first few classes. It can seem difficult to keep up and strength and flexibility might require a little work before it becomes easier to get into poses. A private yoga teacher shows and breakdowns each movement for you and can help improve your form and engagement immediately, which makes it much easier to get started.

3. Tailored lessons focusing on personal goals

By taking private yoga classes, you have more control over the speed and direction of the sessions. You can incorporate your personal goals and while having an expert yoga teacher tailor classes for you, enabling you to see growth in your practice.

4. Becoming an advanced yoga student

Your own private yoga teacher can give you the push needed to take your yoga practice to a more advanced level. Because a group class requires a single teacher to watch many students, a private class means the teacher is able to concentrate only on you. A private teacher will give you advice and expertise on particular aspects and skills that you need to advance your practice to the next level. Private classes are also an ideal way to clean up your alignments and get a new awareness into your practice.

5. Manage injury or illness

You may be rehabilitating an old injury and joining group classes don’t work for you because your range of motion is compromised by injury or scarred tissue being present etc. A private class is often informal and interactive and can be designed around an injury or health concern which you may have. This creates a safe environment for better understanding and self-inquiry.

In conclusion, your private yoga sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, adapted to your skill, fitness, and stress levels. The lesson will advance at your own pace and you will get more assistance and adjustments than in general classes. Beginners are most welcome and one-on-one lessons are a wonderful way to begin your yoga practice.

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