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Trying to pursue a yoga-teaching career? First, you must undergo a 200-hour yoga teacher training. But to take a yoga teacher training course you must first understand how much it’s going to cost.

In this blog post, we’ll be telling you all about how to become a yoga teacher and how much it’s going to cost you. This way, you can mentally, physically, emotionally, and mentally prepare yourself for this amazing new journey.

What does a yoga instructor do?

A yoga instructor is a professional that specializes in fitness and wellness who leads group classes in yoga. They teach and guide the students on how to execute each yoga pose. They also teach the proper ways of meditating and practicing mindfulness.

Since yoga has so many types and variations, it can be quite a challenge to master all of them. Fortunately, yoga teachers are here to help each yoga student in the different styles of yoga practice.

What makes a good yoga instructor?

Becoming a yoga instructor isn’t just about finishing the 200-hour teacher training program and getting your certificate. It’s about really grasping the essence of yoga and cultivating it by teaching yoga to students. There are certain things that yoga instructors must be able to do well for them to be considered good at what they do.

Here are the qualities of a good yoga teacher:

Being present (instead of perfect)

No one is perfect, even in yoga classes. But although yoga teachers aren’t expected to be flawless, they must be present in every session. This means that they are attentive both physically and mentally to lead their students and to guide each one in performing the yoga poses. Sometimes, some students find it more difficult to execute or hold the positions so they require extra attention. A good yoga teacher must be able to take notice of this immediately to help the said student progress.

Being patient

As previously mentioned, not all students share the same learning pace. Some of them adapt to new information fast but some need an extra hand to help them out. In that case, yoga teachers must know how to be patient. You can’t expect your students to perform the yoga poses as well as you right away. You have to give them time to perfect the movements by guiding them closely and properly encouraging them.

Being motivational

Being a yoga teacher is also like being a mentor. You need to know to be empowering and encouraging to the people you are leading in the yoga classes. Some of them might be having a difficult time, others might get tired easily, and some might even consider quitting because they can’t handle the pressure. But that’s the thing about being the yoga teacher, it is your duty to give them the motivation that they need to go on.

Being prepared

You don’t go to a yoga class (or in any class for that matter) empty-handed. It’s important to always prepare ahead so that the flow of the class would be smooth and organized. For instance, you would set a goal for your class to achieve on that day. You can simply teach them a sequence that is focused on working out a certain area of their bodies and teach them the movements step by step. Being prepared will also help you with the question and answer portion at the end of the sessions.

Being generous

As the teacher, you have the knowledge and experience that your students don’t have. It’s important to share that with them because the more that you teach them, the faster their growth in the aspects of yoga. A good yoga instructor does not want his or her students to be totally dependent on them.

Understanding the yoga teacher training program

Yoga teacher training is essential in becoming a certified yoga teacher. It is a 200-hr teacher training program that involves a deep dive into the world of yoga. To become a registered yoga instructor, you must be Yoga Alliance-certified. Yoga Alliance is the global yoga organization that sets the standards for yoga studios and teachers all over the world.

Yoga teacher training features

1. 200 hours of teacher training

As previously mentioned, you have to complete 200 hours of teacher training. The great thing about this is that you can complete it at your own pace. You can take the teacher training course either full-time or part-time (if you have other commitments/responsibilities).

2. Receiving a certification

Upon completing the 200-hour teacher training program, you will be receiving a certification that makes you an official yoga instructor. Although becoming a good yoga teacher does not solely depend on being certified, it is essential if you’re planning to teach classes in a yoga school or studio.

3. Train in a yoga studio

When you’re trying to learn something, it’s best to do it in an environment that’s fitting. You can practice your yoga teacher training in an actual yoga studio so you will have an authentic experience. This will also put you in the right mindset, instead of practicing anywhere else but.

4. Lifetime course access and support

Some yoga studios offer this once you have completed the teacher training courses. This means that even once your training is over, you still have access to the studio and classes as a student.

Yoga teacher training course inclusions

To become a yoga teacher, here’s everything you need to learn:

  • Ancient yoga philosophy
  • Yoga anatomy & physiology
  • More than 150 Hatha yoga asanas
  • How to teach yoga asanas
  • How to teach Pranayama
  • How to adjust, modify & assist the students
  • How to sequence yoga asana classes
  • How to give guided relaxations
  • What is integrated movement techniques
  • How to teach chair/senior yoga
  • Introduction to Hot 26 yoga
  • How to start & run your own digital yoga business/studio

How much does it cost to become a yoga instructor?

The price of 200 hours of yoga teacher training

If you’re planning to become a registered yoga teacher or to be a Yoga Alliance-certified instructor, you must first complete a teacher training course. The rates of teacher training courses may vary, depending on the particular program or specialization that you want to take. To put it simply, you have to choose a style of yoga that you want to master and teach to your future students.

Before anything else, we would like to stress the importance of choosing the right yoga studio. Keep in mind that teaching yoga takes a lot of character and knowledge, so it’s important to learn from the best. This way, you won’t regret the time, effort, and money you have invested in the training course.

For instance, Sweatbox Yoga is one of the best yoga schools in Singapore. We offer a variety of yoga classes ranging from Hatha, Bikram yoga, Vinyasa Flow, to prenatal yoga classes. In addition to this, we also offer yoga teacher training courses for those who aspire to be masters of yoga.

Our rates here in Sweatbox for the yoga teacher training include the following: length of training, materials and modules, yoga teacher forums, and even the certification exam fees. This makes it a reasonable and affordable yoga teacher training program. You can pay for the costs in different ways whether it’s a one-time payment, installment, or if you want to pay for the bundled teacher training course.

Here are the prices of our yoga teacher training programs:

  • SGD 2,800 – One-Time Payment
  • SGD 3,000 (1,350 initial; 1,350 final) – Installment

Yoga teacher training program packages:

  • SGD 4,380 – Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • SGD 3,980 – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • SGD 3,280 – CET Wheel Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • SGD 3,180 – Hot Yoga Teacher Training Course

Teaching yoga: should I rent a yoga studio or join one?

Starting as a yoga teacher, just like every other job, is not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s a promising career but is not guaranteed to be a huge income-generator right away. Starting at the bottom takes a lot of patience and determination. The best thing you can do is to make the right decisions, even when it’s just the beginning.

One of the things to consider is whether or not you should rent a yoga studio to teach classes. Of course, you will be needing your own space where you can lead your students. However, unless there are lots of people signing up for your classes or you’re getting paid at more than a reasonable amount per student, it wouldn’t be wise to do so. You might end up spending a huge amount of your income on rent alone.

You may consider joining an established yoga studio instead. Plenty of yoga studios are looking to add skilled yoga teachers to their team. This way, even if you’re just a rookie teacher, you will have the support of a good yoga studio. This will also pave way for you to gain more learnings and expand your growth as an instructor.

If you’re looking to join a credible and quality yoga studio in Singapore, try Sweatbox Yoga!

Can I take an online yoga teacher training course?

The how-to’s in becoming a yoga instructor from home

Considering the recent events around the globe, many of us have resorted to doing our activities within the safety of our homes. But does taking a full-time teacher training program and getting a certification still possible if you do it virtually?

Fortunately, yoga studios offer online yoga teacher training programs. This means you can safely work your way to becoming a yoga instructor without compromising your safety. Sure, it’s not the same as learning to become a yoga instructor in an actual studio but at least you can still do it.

Online yoga teacher training courses still offer the same modules and subjects that a yoga school would normally give. The rate for online yoga teacher training that’s accredited by the Yoga Alliance normally ranges from $300 to $400, depending on the yoga school you signed up with.

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