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Signs to Watch Out for on How Often Should You Replace Your Yoga Mat

Physical fitness does not always involve strenuous activities, which is why yoga exists. Yoga is well-recognized for being a relaxing way of improving our physique through a variety of poses. This type of exercise requires focused movement and calm, steady breathing. Yoga was created not just to improve our health physically but also mentally and spiritually. It eases us from the stress and anxiety that we face in our everyday life. 

To find your inner peace in yoga, you must feel comfortable within the surroundings you are moving around in. You need to make sure that you can move and position your hands and feet without the risk of slipping or getting yourself injured. This is where the yoga mats come in. 

5 Hints That You Must Replace Your Yoga Mat


If you ask yourself how often should you replace your yoga mat, this will depend on the quality of the mat and the frequency of you using it. How you take care of it is also a factor to consider. Was it made from high-quality material? Do you use it often? Do you even clean it from time to time? 

Here are the clear cut signs if you need to replace your mat: 

  1. The Mat Is Getting Thinner

You might be doing yoga to stay fit or to shed some weight, but when it’s your yoga mat that is getting thinner that is not a good sign. A thin yoga mat will not be enough to support your weight and it will be much more painful if you accidentally fall on top of it. 

  1. You’re Beginning to Slip And Fall 

Yoga is about finding the right balance—so if you find yourself slipping or sliding then it’s clear that you need a new mat. A good quality yoga mat is protecting your hands, feet, and knees from sliding especially when you are sweating all over. Sweating is inevitable and actually good for you, so what you have to do to keep yourself safe is to change your mat. 

  1. The Mat Has Noticeable Rips Or Tear 

Over time, yoga mats are bound to get worn out. Excessive use can make yoga mats’ quality to degrade. A particular example would be the yoga mat having bald spots in the areas where you place your hands and feet while doing yoga poses. Once you notice these changes in your mat, it would be best to dispose of it and get yourself a new one. 

  1. Something Smells Bad
Something stinks and it’s not you. The unpleasant smell would probably be coming from your yoga mat. Our sweaty bodies often get in contact with our mats which is why it is no surprise that it absorbs a lot of the beads of our perspiration. If you clean it regularly but it still smells bad, then that is a clear indication that you should be replacing your yoga mat already.
  1. It’s No Longer Sticky

A sticky mat makes it easy for you to balance yourself on it. Once your yoga mat loses its stickiness, it will be hard for you to do the difficult poses that require proper footing because you’ll end up slipping more. When this symptom shows, time to get yourself a new one. 

Things To Consider In Replacing Your Mat

Now when it comes to purchasing a new mat for your yoga practice, there are important factors to consider. Make sure that the replacement you are getting will be good for every use and will not wear out easily.

Factor #1: It Should Be Sticky And Slip-Resistant

As mentioned above, a yoga mat must have a very sticky quality. The purpose of this is to hinder you from slipping and falling especially when you are executing poses that require balance. A mat that has slip-resistance will keep you safe from getting hurt. 

 Factor #2: It Should Be Thick 

Yoga mats serve as our pillar of support when it comes to yoga practice. The mat that you will buy should have a good thickness to ensure that you have sufficient support when you are using it. A thicker mat is also highly-recommended to those individuals with sensitive limbs or joints. 
Factor #3: Open-Cell And Closed-Cell Mats
There are two kinds of mats being used for different reasons: open-cell mats and closed-cell mats. Open-celled mats are a better use for those who enjoy hot yoga Singapore since they have a better way of absorbing sweat and providing traction. On the other hand, closed-cell mats are suitable for gentle yoga practices since they are water-resistant and last longer. 
Factor #4: Its Portability
If you are the type who travels a lot, having a portable or lightweight mat would be best. An ideal one would be less than five millimeters (5 mm) thick. This way, you can fit your mat in your bag and exercise wherever you go. 
Factor #5: Its Environmental-Friendliness
Maintaining a healthy body is always important but so is keeping the environment healthy as well. It would be preferable to make use of eco-friendly mats. If you want to pick one that’s made from sustainable materials, choose those that are made from jute or 100% natural rubber. 

Ways How To Make Your Mat Last Longer 

Now that you know what to consider when it comes to getting replacing your mat, you should also educate yourself on how to take care of it. If you want your mat to last long so you can use it efficiently then you must take responsibility for taking care of it.

Clean Your Mat Regularly 

Whether or not you are using that on your own or sharing it with others, it is always prone to dirty inhabitants. Dirt and bacteria can form in your mat especially when it is being used consistently without being sanitized. Make it a habit to clean your mat on a regular basis to prohibit any germs, viruses, or fungi from getting to it. 

You can try diluting some essential oil in water and apply it on your mat through spraying and wiping between practices. 

Air Dry It

After a sweaty workout, hang your mat somewhere where it can be dried by air. This will help prevent it from getting stinky. Also, avoid letting your mat receive direct sunlight because it can cause the rubber material to deteriorate. 

Always Practice With Clean Hands And Feet

Keeping your hands and feet clean before doing your workout will help prevent any dirt or bacteria from getting to your mat. This will make it easy for you to maintain a hygienic mat. 

Yoga is an exercise that is certainly beneficial and enjoyable. To preserve the great experience of this workout, keep in mind to make use of and maintain a quality mat at all times!


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