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Reasons Why You Should Take A Private Yoga Class

Interested to become a certified yoga instructor? First things first! Read and learn below the things you need before you head off to that teacher training course.

Yoga has become such an enjoyable and essential part of life. A lot of people could be found practicing yoga these days, and you can’t blame them. A lot of health benefits come from doing the said exercise. The best yoga classes basically enhance our bodies and teach us how to live a better lifestyle.

With that said, a lot of people have also been into becoming yoga instructors. There are so many of them that you’d think that it’s so easy to get into the teacher training program. But is it, really?

To be quite frank, becoming an official yoga instructor is not that hard! All you have to do is to really make sure that you want it and read this article. You can see below everything that you need to know about getting into yoga teacher training to become a certified yoga teacher.

How do I become a yoga teacher or get my RYT certification?

The main question is, how do you become a registered yoga teacher or RYT? You might be feeling overwhelmed by this or you’re probably thinking that as a beginner, you might not be cut out for this kind of job. Not to worry though! Here are some helpful tips and information that can help you make a good start on your journey towards becoming a registered yoga teacher!

Level of practice

You don’t necessarily have to be a yoga expert to become a certified yoga instructor. They don’t require you to have mastered all the difficult or complicated moves. It would be helpful though if you have some starting knowledge on the basic yoga asanas. Having familiarity with basic yoga will make it easier for you to learn better and faster.

Also, are you really intent on becoming a yoga teacher? Willingness is a great factor in learning and the more eager you are, the more you will learn in no time! Do not worry about getting confused with the terms or movements because you will be taught all those things every step of the way.

Know About The Yoga Alliance

A lot of yoga studios align their teacher training courses to the standards of the Yoga Alliance. It is a non-profit and professional organization for yoga teachers worldwide.

Choose Your Teacher Training Program

Which teacher training program is the best for a beginner like you?

Many yoga studios offer a thing called 200-hour yoga teacher training. What does this mean? This means that in a span of 200 hours, you will learn everything that you need to know about yoga including its philosophy, anatomy, and physiology. You will be engaging in classes wherein they will teach you all the things that you need to know to become a successful yoga instructor. Once you complete the entire 200-hour teacher training, you will be given a yoga certification that will prove that you are now a registered yoga teacher.

Under the said program, there are lots of teacher training courses that will be going through. Most yoga studios have programs that are mostly centered on vinyasa but you have the right to choose which yoga teacher training program features the yoga style that suits your taste the best.

Here are some of the training programs based on different yoga styles:

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Practice your teaching skills

Becoming a yoga teacher is not just an achievement but also a great responsibility. As an instructor, you have the ability to teach other yoga students and probably those who are also interested in becoming a yoga teacher too someday. You need to master the qualities of a good teacher.

You must know how to be patient and compassionate. Keep in mind that we all have different levels of understanding and it is essential to have as much patience as you can, especially since you are teaching such a peaceful form of exercise.

Also, try to practice teaching those people you know or who are close to you. It is a good way to measure if your teaching methods are leaving any effect. This way, you will know what to work on to improve.

Your own props and gear

If you’ve got the willingness to learn and the basic knowledge of yoga covered, then having the proper gear is also a great way to start your teacher training journey! Yoga is one of the exercises that make use of props sometimes because they serve as support to the positions that you execute. As much as possible, you need to have your own yoga gear such as a good quality yoga mat, blocks, strap, and others that you might need for a yoga class.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of a yoga teacher certification depends on the training level that you avail and where you finish your training. The standard 200-hour teacher training program lasts for about a month-long. Meanwhile, other yoga studios offer teacher training courses during weekends which will last for over 6 months. The important thing here is you can learn to become a yoga teacher at your own pace. You have the option to do it part-time if you have other commitments to tend to or do it full-time.

To know whether or not it’s worth it to take a yoga teacher training course really depends on where you took it and how capable the yoga instructors or lead trainers were in teaching you.

Unfortunately, some yoga studios offer training courses that are not really providing hands-on experience. These are where the training is not really personalized or the yoga students are not being given the proper guidance that they need. This is probably suitable for those who are only after getting the yoga certification rather than the actual training to become a good yoga teacher.

You must find a yoga studio or a registered yoga school that will give you the right kind of teaching experience that will equip you with sufficient knowledge that you need to become a yoga instructor. This means instructors giving you thorough guidance on yoga philosophy, human anatomy, breathing techniques, as well as a proper teaching methodology. When these are present, you can assure that the 200-hour training program is worth it.

It is worth it to register in our teacher training program because we have all the courses and modules that consist of everything you need to know about yoga. Our pure yoga training courses will enable you to become a qualified and registered yoga teacher. You can distribute your knowledge to yoga students and practitioners.  As a teacher, you will also have the certification to launch your own yoga course.

Teaching yoga is a good way to earn income. It still depends on how you’re making that money and on your living standards. If you really want to make decent money from teaching yoga then it is recommended by some experts to teach yoga online.

Getting into a yoga school and taking a teacher training course is a good first step in becoming a great yoga teacher. However, just because you have completed a teacher training course and received your certification does not necessarily mean you have perfectly mastered the art of teaching yoga.

Yoga is something that you have to learn, absorb, and experience. Every little bit of it must be accepted into your mind and your heart. You have to embrace it with both arms and make it a part of you who are. As an instructor, it is your responsibility to continuously explore yoga and its many attributes and elements. Attend more workshops and do more research on it. But most important of all, the experience that you get from consistent yoga practice will certainly heighten your skills involving it.

If you really want to teach yoga successfully and effectively, you must continuously learn it yourself. Yoga is not just a workout, it is a meditative exercise that involves your physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. Yes, you can learn the anatomy and physiology of yoga, yes you can learn its many types including vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga, but what matters most is that you find yoga lying within you.

By understanding yoga practice deeply this way, you will be able to teach students and provide them with the same learning experience that you’ve had. That is when you know that you are a great yoga instructor.


Are you ready to become a certified yoga instructor?

Join a yoga teacher training program now and get that unforgettable teaching experience! Find the yoga studio that is best for you and choose the classes that will perfectly resonate with you. May you find the right program or visit Sweatbox Yoga that will effectively lead you to your successful yoga teaching journey.

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