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Are you tired of having corporate jobs, desk duties, and the routine of staying in your cramped seat while cramming all your workload for the day? Just years and days ago, the pandemic happened, and with all the stress it came with, many institutions are now offering Yoga related courses, one of the known effective personal training programs.

Yoga as One’s Career Option

With this, group yoga classes became a hit, and more and more are looking for an inspiring training experience. Furthermore, people are searching more for inner peace, which can help them earn money and, at the same time, enjoy their jobs. With this, one good option is to become a yoga teacher. 

Yoga instructor jobs are a demand nowadays. Yoga teaching as a career option is open to anyone willing to take on some training and learn skills that will equip them in teaching the fundamentals of yoga. But what exactly is the job description of a yoga teacher? How much can you earn, and what are the requirements to be a certified yoga instructor?

What Is It Like Being a Yoga Instructor in Singapore?

How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make?

There are different payment schemes in the yoga world, unlike in corporate life, wherein you get a paycheck on a specific date every month. This is also unlike typical front desk duties wherein you are paid depending on your working hours. Here in yoga, payment depends on the place and space where you are teaching.

In Singapore, the average monthly salary of a yoga instructor can reach as much as $4,300. Common ways to earn this are flat rate, flat range per number of students, and per-student rate.

  • Flat rate: Depends hugely on the studio or the organizer of the yoga class regardless of the number of students. Some flat rates range from $25 to $50 dollars.

  • Flat rate per range of number of students: When you have started gaining popularity as a yoga teacher, group class will now depend on the number of students. From $25 for 1 to 16 people, a class of 25 students might earn you $35 or more. 

  • Per-student rate: This combines the first two schemes. A flat rate will be offered then additional incentive will be given for every additional student past the initial target number. For example, group yoga classes may accommodate up to 15 students but unexpectedly, 20 students showed up. Aside from the basic pay, you will earn an incentive for the additional five students.

How can One Teach Yoga in Singapore?

To be part of the Singapore fitness scene and lead yoga classes, the most basic restorative yoga teacher training courses range from 200-500 hours long. Aside from that, all the courses you take must be certified by the Yoga Alliance.

In reality, some gyms or studios may accept you even without the Yoga Alliance certification, but most require this. Yoga is a personal training service which is why the styles and definitions of yoga vary individually.

For this, you need to learn different breathing techniques, yoga poses, and styles. Even an experienced yoga instructor completes multiple yoga instructor course Singapore just to learn all the correct terminology of yoga and all of these. 

Skills Needed

Often, it will take three months or a year of experience to be skilled in teaching yoga. Some important skills and knowledge are:

  • Physical and individual growth

  • Proficiency in the basic anatomy and asanas

  • Precise alignment when performing yoga poses

  • Proper breathing techniques

To provide quality yoga classes, you must ensure clients enjoy the whole session. This will not be possible without good communication skills, the ability to give clear instructions, and a strong customer service ethic.

Furthermore, students have the desired expectation at the end of the class to experience positive and inspiring training. With this, it is also part of the job description of a yoga teacher to provide feedback and guidance by conducting fitness assessments and safely guiding members.

Yoga Trainer Certification 

Are They Worth It? 

Earning a yoga trainer certification will help you get away from your routine desk duties, endless working hours, and nonstop telephone calls. It might be tempting to just skip all these certifications, but you must keep in mind that these courses are designed to enhance skills and equip you with the foundational aspect of yoga. Furthermore, yoga instructors are responsible for the safety of their students. That’s why credentials are important to lead yoga classes.

How Much Do They Cost? 

Yoga teacher training certifications in Singapore aren’t exactly cheap. Different yoga studios offer certifications ranging from $2000 up to $5000. One famous studio, Platinum Yoga Pte Ltd, offers a training course with the Vyasa Yoga Singapore team and provides a 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Certificate Course (YIIC) for the price of $2900 while Pure Yoga offers Yoga Alliance Certification for $4280 on early birds and $5350 as regular price.

Another yoga instructor course Singapore that you can consider is Yin Yoga Teacher Training Singapore. This offers a 40 hour course which can help you understand better the history, theory, and practice of Yin Yoga. This includes 32 hours of in studio sessions, 2 hours of teaching documentation and 1 hour of class assessment. The price for early birds is $1099 while the regular price is $1299. To complete the 200 hours, learn more about the depths of yin yoga, and earn a certification, the price is $2800.

There are a lot of options you can choose from depending on your budget and the certification you want to get. Some of the best yoga studio Singapore even offer both weekdays and weekend training courses. This can help you manage your time and even have part time positions while honing your yoga skills.

Do They Have an Expiration Date? 

You receive a Yoga Alliance certification when you complete your yoga teacher training, so it never expires. You just need to register for $50, submit your certification and pay your yearly $65 membership dues.

To maintain your membership, you must complete 75 hours of continued education within three years. These include 45 hours of teaching yoga and 30 hours of Yoga Alliance certified training.

Are These Licenses Only Recognized in Singapore?

Yoga Alliance is a nonprofit organization that serves as the governing body in the yoga community. It is not required to be a part of the Yoga Alliance and earn a certification, but if you are a member, you will be listed under their directory, increasing your credibility as a yoga instructor.

Aside from being recognized in Singapore, certifications under this are also recognized internationally because the Yoga Alliance Registry Mark is a global symbol in the fitness scene of yoga.

Final Words

Providing personal training services is now a good career option, especially when one feels burned out from their day jobs and wants to find more peace and enjoyment with their jobs. Despite it being a part time position, it’s still a fulfilling one where you can provide support to clients who would want to achieve their fitness goals. You may even interact with soon-to-be mothers when you have a prenatal yoga certification!

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