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How To Prepare For Yoga Teacher Training

A Helpful Guide On How To Prepare For Yoga Teacher Training

If you are aiming to become a yoga instructor, then this is a good read for you!

Becoming a yoga teacher is a great opportunity and a life-changing experience. You get to explore the art of yoga and master it enough to teach it to other yoga students. It is exciting and definitely rewarding, especially since yoga is continuously becoming bigger and more popular worldwide. Plus, it is also a good way to earn income! However, like every other profession, you have to go through a certain training period to obtain the title of a certified yoga teacher, hence the existence of a yoga teacher training course.

Getting into yoga teacher training is a big deal, but so is preparing for it. It is incredibly essential to make yourself ready before you enter your chosen yoga school. Yoga teacher training programs are a wonderful experience but you have to make sure that you are equipped enough before joining them.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Not to worry! We got tips below to help you prepare before hopping onto your teacher training journey.

Why do I need to prepare for the yoga teacher training program?

First things first—before you do something, it must be clear to you why you are doing it. Ask yourself, why do you need to prepare for yoga teacher training?

As an aspiring yoga teacher, expect that your body will be put through some challenging situations. You have to prepare your body before joining yoga training. Training to become a yoga teacher will require you to engage in rigorous yoga training courses where your body will be tested to its limits. You need to prepare your physical state to overcome the difficulties that might come your way as you learn yoga. This way, you will get to avoid possible injuries or you can reduce the physical aches and pains that you might feel after a session.

If your body is not prepared for the yoga practice then expect that your mind will be affected too. If you get tired or exhausted easily then it will be more difficult for your brain to understand and learn yoga. Yoga teacher training also involves learning about yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and many other elements. Your mentality must be in a good shape so you can properly absorb every teaching that is being provided to you by the instructor.

If you are physically and mentally prepared for the yoga teacher training, then it’s more likely that you will succeed in becoming a great yoga teacher.

12 Tips On How To Prepare For Yoga Teacher Training

1. Establish your intent

Becoming a yoga teacher is not just a certification, it is a responsibility. You need to know the purpose as to why you are doing this in the first place. Do you want to become an instructor because you are passionate about yoga and want to know more about it? Or are you solely in for the sake of getting a certification?

The more you know what your intent is, the more you can measure whether or not you can complete the teacher training. It’s hard to finish something if your heart is not into it a hundred percent.

2. Study about yoga

Yes, you will be learning everything about yoga during the actual teacher training classes. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you decide to study some of it in advance. Equipping yourself with a bit of learning will certainly help you understand yoga even better. As a future yoga teacher, you need to know yoga deeply—even on a personal level. Teachers are expected to be very knowledgeable so you can answer the questions of the students.

3. Familiarize yourself with basic yoga poses

When training to become a yoga instructor, you do not have to be an expert on it right away. The good thing about yoga teacher training is that you can learn at your own pace. You do not have to feel pressured about learning everything fast and being exceptional at them. However, it will help you progress faster if you start learning even the basic yoga poses. Familiarize yourself with poses like the plank, downward-facing dog, mountain pose, and many others. Once you do, you will be more comfortable and able to do them during the teacher training session.

4. Choose your yoga style

Yoga has many types and variations. It’s beautiful in a way that it doesn’t limit you to one style. There is Hatha, vinyasa, Bikram, yin, and kundalini yoga. You have the freedom to choose which one suits your taste the best, which emphasizes it as a personal practice. You can try practicing all of them to determine which one suits you most. Yoga will be much more fun and effective if you are practicing the type that is good for your mind and body.

5. Practice yoga regularly

A consistent yoga practice will get your body ready for the many hours of yoga teacher training. It would be best for your body to get as much exercise as it can. Spend some time practicing yoga to stretch and strengthen your body and for you to be familiar with the practice of yoga itself. This will help you to easily catch up to your instructor during yoga classes.

6. Attend yoga classes

You should try going to yoga studios and attending actual yoga classes. Putting yourself in that environment will allow you to become more connected with yoga. You will be able to observe and experience the very culture of the said workout. Experiencing yoga will enable you to understand it better than just watching videos or reading about it.

7. Commit your time

You will need to learn how to commit or dedicate your time. Being a yoga teacher means having to know how to balance your time especially if you are involved in other activities. If you really want to be a successful and competent yoga instructor, you need to work hard and dedicate yourself a lot to your responsibilities without compromising your other commitments. You can start doing this by learning to organize your schedule. Try to create a regular timetable of your tasks for each week and it will teach you to develop a smooth and healthy time management skill.

8. Seek support outside

You will be needing a circle of support as you go on with your teacher training journey. It is important and helpful to have a group of people that encourages you as you try to become a yoga teacher. Try to let people outside of your yoga teacher training group know about your goal. Tell it to your family, friends, and work colleagues. It will be easier for you to endure the challenges coming your way if you have people rooting for you!

9. Get rid of distractions

One thing that might affect your focus on your yoga teacher training is the existence of distractions. Try to avoid giving attention to unnecessary things in your life because they might hinder or slow you down from obtaining your objective. Make sure that you can manage to have self-control and discipline when it comes to sticking to your schedule and keeping your head in the game.

10. Reflect through your journal

Have you ever tried writing in a journal? A lot of people do this these days because it’s proven to be incredibly helpful and inspiring. Writing in a journal will leave a positive impact during your yoga training. It will help you keep track of your progress, see what you need to work on, and will also serve as a reminder of why you are doing this training in the first place. Self-reflection is a major tool in character and self-development. Try doing it every day or even at least every week!

11. Take care of your health

We know you are pumped up for your training—the idea of you becoming a yoga instructor is no doubt exciting! However, do not let your eagerness make you forget about the importance of taking care of your health. One of the major things to prepare for this training is being healthy and strong. Your body and mind need to be ready for the things you will experience during the yoga teacher training. Getting sick, injured, or easily exhausted will negatively affect your practice. Remember to drink water, eat a balanced meal, and get enough sleep every day. As a future yoga teacher, you will be teaching your yoga class how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Start by doing it yourself and being a good role model!

12. Manage your expectations

Remember to limit your expectations in order to have disappointments. If you are assuming that becoming a yoga instructor will be financially rewarding, think again. Yes, teaching yoga is a good way of earning a stable income but try to lower your expectations a bit. Remember, to be a successful yoga teacher is not just about earning a lot financially but it’s also about mastering the art of a workout that is life-changing. Also, expect that this will be a challenging training and would not always be rainbows and butterflies. If you set your expectations right, you will be able to finish the many hours of training faster and better.

Are you ready to jump into the yoga teacher training course?

Now, you know how to prepare for your journey as a future yoga instructor. You can start doing them and soon enough you will feel it in yourself that you are ready for this challenge! Time will come that you will reach your goal of becoming a yoga teacher and you will be passing on your knowledge and experience to your future students. Learn and train at your own pace and choose to do the things that will help level up your progress.

May this article help you get to your destination or join our yoga studio in Singapore and be a successful registered yoga instructor!


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to teach yoga but worried that you are just a beginner? No need to worry because beginners can do yoga teacher training! It would be preferable if you have prior knowledge or experience with yoga practice though. Yoga teacher training is open to everyone as long as you have the desire and willingness to learn and undergo yoga training.

Taking a yoga teacher training course might be intense and challenging at some points. However, if you believe that you are well-prepared and that you really want to master the practice of yoga, it will be a training that is worth enduring and experiencing. You will undergo different teachings that will over time become a part of your life.

As mentioned before, knowing the basics of yoga and practicing it before getting into the yoga teacher training itself will make the process faster. The more you know and are experienced with yoga, the more you are likely to finish the training program at a faster pace. Some experts recommend joining even a 50-hour yoga training to get you started.

If you find yourself already familiar with yoga and know everything about its discipline, then you can consider yourself ready. It is important to know if your mind and body are in good shape to undergo the training program. But most of all, you have to ensure that your heart is a hundred percent into this. Do you really want to become a yoga teacher? Do you think you have what it takes to teach such a meditative and personal exercise to other people? If all of these have checks on your list, then you are most likely ready to face this new chapter in your life.

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