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The limitations brought about by the global pandemic certainly made our lives less than Our lifestyles were indeed made less than ordinary due to the global pandemic’s limits. Unfortunately, this is not an exception in the world of yoga.

Yoga is well-known for being a deeply personal and communal activity. You’ll most likely be working out in a room with a certified yoga teacher and other yoga students. Yoga instructor training would be in the same boat. In a yoga school, you master all you need to know with other prospective instructors seeking to teach yoga. The most accessible place to do so with anything and everything happening are to do it digitally within an online yoga school.

The yoga teacher training program, unlike in the past, would be confined to the screens of your computer or smartphone. Now is an ideal time to do your yoga teacher training online, thanks to the rapid development of virtual classrooms.

What Are the Objectives of Online Yoga Teacher Training?

While yoga is such a diverse practice, several people gravitate to it for various reasons. Each person’s aims and aspirations determine the desire to learn about yoga philosophy and approach. Having a goal in mind enables us to become more concentrated and choose to obtain the best results possible, keeping us inspired.

The objectives of online yoga teacher trainings are the same as that of yoga practice in general. The main distinction here is that students aim for a higher level of yoga practice. This entails a more comprehensive and in-depth study of yoga, not to integrate the skills and experience for yourself but also to properly carry it on to the next yoga students. With that out of the way, let’s look at the aims of yoga teacher training:

Learn All About Yoga

Yoga teacher training teaches us all we need to know about yoga, its background, philosophy, physiology, philosophy, and forms, among other things. It’s the only way to truly master yoga and understand how to use it daily.

Teach Discipline and Control

The goal of yoga teacher training is to instil in us the value of self-discipline and self-control. It encourages us to connect with our innermost selves and seize control over our decisions and emotions.

Establish Emotional Stability

Practising yoga can benefit us in developing the capacity to control our emotions. Yoga incorporates a lot of concentration and meditation, allowing us to connect with our inner energy. We can better manage and portray our feelings if we practise yoga daily.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga is widely recognised as an excellent supplement to better health. It benefits our thoughts and spirits as well as our bodies. It’s a form of exercise that helps us get stronger physically to combat diseases and other health problems. Yoga encourages and pushes us to participate in other physical activities to help us get in shape.

Ascend to a Higher Degree of Awareness

Yoga is mostly about getting to know oneself — body, mind, and soul. It’s about discovering how to be aware of yourself and your surroundings. It helps us to enhance our sense of awareness and understanding.

Face-To-Face Versus Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses — How Does It Differ?

Undertaking a yoga teacher training program is no easy task. The 200-hour teacher training comprises mind and body stretching education and practice to provide you with the experience and abilities you need to make the service worthwhile. To become a certified yoga instructor, you’ll need a lot of discipline, patience, and attention. If you genuinely want to accomplish the training course, you must first understand what you’re against. Nevertheless, you can take it full-time or part-time despite the training’s apparent length.

In a nutshell, below are the distinctions between face-to-face and online yoga teacher training programmes:

Process of Teaching

The benefit of in-person teaching practice is watching asana presentations in action. The yoga instructor’s lessons are easy to observe, grasp, and follow. Since the ambience is ideal, taking courses in a studio gets you in the optimal attitude of a yoga student. Due to the unusual atmosphere, doing something online does not affect the instructor’s teaching quality, but it does create difficulties for the learner to comprehend what is being delivered.

Physical Interaction

In the case of the pandemic, the absence of physical interaction could be favourable. When viewed through the lens of education and learning, though, it is a drawback. Yoga is a physical activity, and learning it by feeling it rather than watching it on a screen is more efficient.

Learning Pace

The yoga instructor determines the education rate in the actual yoga teacher training. They run the yoga sessions and are in charge of everything that transpires within the studio. Studying the teacher training program at home, however, provides an opportunity to learn at your speed and terms. 

Social Engagement

Yoga, in addition to being a personal activity, also was seen to be a collaborative one. We can connect and work out with other people when practising yoga in a real studio. Among other trainees, we go through learning and becoming yoga teachers. We gain a sense of belonging and may form friendships as a result. Yet, doing so in your own home eliminates the need for social connection, which can feel isolating.

What Is the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training?

Sweatbox Yoga is one of several yoga institutions that have linked their yoga teacher training sessions to the standard of Yoga Alliance. Sweatbox, Singapore’s best training studio, offers high-quality teacher training for many eager yogis. Although the courses have transitioned to an online platform, they are still Yoga Alliance-certified, and you’ll be recognised as an authentic yoga instructor at completion.


Regarding curriculum and instructors, the Yoga Alliance has certified the programme. For its extensive structure, numerous professionals endorse this training course. Their programme will prepare you how to establish a foundation in yoga philosophy and anatomy, as well as how to comprehend each yoga pose fully. It is conducted through Zoom lectures, practice videos, a massive volume of study materials, printouts, etc.

My Vinyasa Practice

Their self-paced virtual yoga teacher training certification process is among the most prominent courses. They’re dedicated to providing tailored experiences and in-depth education. You will be eligible to instruct business clients, private clients, and organizations and even open your yoga studio once you have completed your training with them.

Yoga Farm Ithaca

It is run and founded by a non-profit organisation committed to putting the yoga ideology to the general public. It’s one of the most outstanding courses for aspiring yoga educators who are new to the profession. Considering they offer one-on-one coaching and self-paced sessions, you shouldn’t need existing or extensive yoga expertise to begin the curriculum.

Online Yoga School

It is a renowned institution member of the Yoga Alliance and conducts a 200-hour online yoga teacher training programme. The class is a cost-effective way to earn your certification while also providing the convenience of an education platform.

In-Studio Yoga Teacher Training

Sweatbox Yoga

Sweatbox Yoga upholds the highest standards of professionalism of yoga training, monitoring and evaluation via strategies, forms, and principles to enable you to practise comfortably and effectively teach. They offer the best yoga teacher training Singapore that will result in a competent and registered yoga teacher who can efficiently educate students.

Sweatbox yoga teacher training is available in the studio for individuals who would want to take the lessons away from their screens. To gain in-depth knowledge of the intensity of practice and culture with modern understanding, apply to our training programme.

Is It Worthwhile to Take Yoga Teacher Training Online?

Completing a yoga teacher training course online is undoubtedly beneficial. It was all a matter of context since, despite the pandemic, we can still practise yoga and understand well the fundamentals of teaching yoga. The best part is that we can still attend the 200-hour yoga instructor training program from the comfort of our own homes. The cost is less expensive, yet the calibre of your education is not sacrificed. It also makes our bodies and minds engaged even when we’re alone.

Sweatbox Yoga is a good option if you want to pursue the leading yoga teacher training program in a prominent yoga studio in Singapore. We give high-quality courses and reputable instructors that will undoubtedly provide you with extensive information and contribute to the field of yoga education.

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