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Why companies should implement wellness programmes to encourage employees and improve their mental health

With everything that has happened recently, it’s safe to say that workplace health is rockier than before. Changes in working conditions and other work-related stress factors can be a huge toll on the health and overall well-being of employees. Those factors can affect their performance in the workplace and hinder a company from achieving success. With that said, it is extremely important for the management to know how to care for the health of their people. Health is wealth after all.

Success is more possible for a company if the workers are productive. However, this can be difficult if negative emotions and a lack of teamwork are all around. That’s why companies and business owners should encourage their employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle which will only happen if they promote work-life balance. This means teaching the team on the importance of being health-conscious.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how to promote health and wellness among employees in Singapore through corporate wellness programmes.

What are corporate wellness programs?

A corporate wellness program refers to a management’s implementation of benefits to improve the health and overall wellbeing of their employees. Being healthy and exhibiting a positive attitude leads to higher productivity. An employee is an important asset of a company and without them performing their best, business operations can be affected negatively.

Many countries understand that health is an important resource to preserve. In fact, the Singapore government’s recent emphasis on health campaigns moved the public to adapt to healthier lifestyles. It has become a growing trend, even among various companies. Businesses that have a weak workforce can experience significant differences if they make such investment in health promotion activities.

Listed below are the salient points as to why corporate wellness programs are extremely important:

Stress and the mental health of employees in Singapore

Stress and mental health are closely related. Feeling stressed can lead to more severe conditions such as anxiety and depression. Leaving stress unmanaged can affect an employee’s work performance—even up to the point when they experience burnout. In 2019, burnout was recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO). People with this type of condition will most likely feel exhausted and mentally distant from their jobs.

Stress and its effects on the physical health of employees

Work stress also affects the employees physically. High-stress levels may cause a person to experience symptoms like a headache, upset stomach, aches and pains, as well as having low energy. That being said, employees might struggle to focus on doing their jobs efficiently if they’re in utter pain or discomfort.

Stress and its effects on work productivity

As previously mentioned above, the most important resource of a person is his or her energy. If a person feels extremely stressed, they might be demotivated or unable to perform their best at work. One of the keys to being more productive is by practicing a more positive attitude which is one of the benefits of being employed under companies that offer wellness programmes.

How to address and prevent workplace stress

Ongoing success can be maintained or even exceed expectations if companies in Singapore adopt health promotion activities. Reducing or even preventing workplace stress can significantly empower an entire staff in delivering their best for the management’s benefit. This can only be done if the management knows how to take care of their workers’ wellness.

There are many ways on how to establish corporate wellness programmes. Some companies organize seminars, support group meetings, team building activities, and physical exercises such as corporate yoga classes Singapore. Wellness programmes generally revolve around the upliftment of people’s spirits—providing them with the physical and mental rejuvenation that they need to keep going.

How to promote wellness in the workplace

Promoting wellness in the workplace needs to be coming from both the management and the people under it. Corporate wellness programmes will be implemented by the upper heads whilst the employees must do their part by participating in them. It is a joint effort that must remain consistent, that is if both parties truly want higher job satisfaction.

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