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Corporate Yoga

Where employees can nourish their health and wellness to be more productive at work!

Sweatbox Yoga offers corporate yoga classes where the work-life balance will be taught through relaxation techniques. Immersing in yoga therapy will enable employees to cultivate their physical and mental wellness.

Why Corporate Yoga?

Let your employees become more empowered and efficient through our corporate yoga programs

Stress is common in the workplace. The pressure and competition brought about by their jobs can cause complications in their energy levels, hindering them from performing their best. A company must understand that being physically and mentally fit is essential among its workers.

Our corporate yoga packages include corporate yoga classes that improve health status and promote bonding among employees. The simple stretches in the class will leave significant effects on every employee’s well-being. We teach many types of yoga in corporate yoga programs such as hatha yoga.

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Benefits of Yoga in Corporate Settings

There are many reasons why yoga is an essential part of a workplace. Taking care of your employees will provide them with the strength and motivation they need to work productively. Below are the following benefits of yoga classes in a corporate setting:

Team building yoga

Achieving the goals of the company would be more probable if the employees work together well. Teamwork is essential in having faster and smoother business operations. Engaging in yoga classes will teach the employees to bond and establish a harmonized relationship with one another.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Yoga classes will help reduce the stress levels of the employees. It will teach them how to channel positive energy and use this to manage themselves in times of pressure. Knowing how to master the art of lowering stress levels will help them perform their duties better.

Benefits of Yoga to Individuals

Classes like this leave positive effects even outside of the office. This means that your employees can reap the benefits of yoga even in their personal lives.

Relieves pain and discomfort

Have trouble with knee pain, back pain, or a stiff neck? Sitting all day at an office desk would do that. Yoga practice helps alleviate pain and discomfort in the body. The simple stretches combined with deep breathing techniques will provide a sore and aching body with a much-needed relief.

Allows better sleep

As yoga relaxes a person, it enables a better quality of sleep as well. The tension in the body is being released and stress levels are reduced. Having peace of mind and positive energy will enable you to rest more. Getting the right amount of rest will provide an employee with the ability to focus and move efficiently at work.


How many employees can join a single corporate yoga class?

The average number of students that we accept in a yoga class before the pandemic is around 10 to 15. This depends on the size of the studio that the class will be held in. As much as possible, we are limiting the number of people in a class due to safety protocols and to provide the practitioners with more than enough space to move around in.

How much does a session of corporate yoga cost?

The cost of corporate yoga classes may vary depending on the number of students that joined. For a 10-people class, we charge around $150 for an entire hour. For a class that’s accommodating more than 10 students, it costs around $200 for a one-hour session.

What type of yoga is practiced in corporate yoga?

We offer a variety of yoga classes under corporate class. There is hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, and many more. This is to provide students with an extensive selection of classes that can cater to their varying health needs. This is where you can find the best yoga classes in Singapore.