Eka - Instructor of Hot Flow and Warm Stretch | Sweatbox Yoga


My first touch with yoga was in 2009 when I needed a mechanism to cope with work-related stress. In the beginning, it felt more like a chore to go for that weekly yoga class but after a while, I realized I just keep turning up again and again.

I changed my career in 2012 to work in fashion retail. Long working hours mean yoga took a back seat. Though I enjoyed working in retail, the pressure in fast fashion was real. I was constantly under pressure. Always being told I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t fast enough to move the stocks, or smart enough to make the sales.

I lost a lot of weight and my mental health suffered. I realized that it’s time to quit and to take time off to focus on my recovery. That’s when yoga came back into my life.

As part of my recovery journey, I plucked out the courage to take a 200 Hours Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training. I was hoping the training would provide me with a magical answer to happiness. After all, isn’t it what yoga all about? Finding answers in life. Instead, I realized the importance of being in present moments and continue enjoying the journey of seeking answers, even if I am aware now that the answer might never come

I have experienced the benefits of yoga in my life – physically and mentally – it’s my dream to share this gift of yoga with others. To assure people that they are good enough. To dispel their beliefs that “I’m not flexible enough or strong enough for yoga”