Yihong - Instructor of Hot and Yin Yoga | Sweatbox Yoga


Yihong is a former ballet and contemporary dancer, her yoga journey started after her first official job.
Working alone in Hongkong started to take a toll on her body and she was looking for a solution to relief her back pain and constant fatigue after work. Her first hot class was such an eye opening experience and she felt so weak and out of shape. From then on, she kept going back for more classes to improve herself. Back in Singapore, the journey continued, as she went for the 200 hour hot yoga teacher training and also did her Yin teacher training.

Her teaching journey makes her a better student as she kept going back to classes and learning from her teachers. Her students have taught her so much in the process as well. She emphasizes more on the students individual body and mind, as she recognizes that we are all different individuals with different bodies and capacities. The goal is to bring the practice more accessible to the students, focus more on their experience and modify wherever possible. Yoga is supposed to help the students and make them more aware of their own alignment and body.

‘Yoga has changed my life and I hope to share more experience and interaction with you through my classes, and spread the joy of yoga to all.’