Xenres - Instructor for Hot Hatha & Hot Flow | Sweatbox Yoga


Xenres is a professional dancer, specialising in Contemporary Dance and Acrobatics Flow, as well as being exposed to several forms such as Ballet, Chinese Dance, Taichi, and Jazz. With dance as an artistically and physically demanding practice, Xenres had to find a practice that would ground, restore and rejuvenate the body and mind.

An exposure to chakras, pranayamas and the philosophy of Yoga had resonated with Xenres’s individual practices, hence he decided to take a chance with his Yoga Teacher Training.

With an emphasis on mental and spiritual regulation, Xenres aids students to find peace as a Dance Teacher and as a Yoga Instructorwith the foundation of anatomy and biology to remind students that every individual is born uniquely, to identify and accept the weaknesses and strengths, then to understand and find peace in our mental processes through psychological regulation.

The goal is to share the knowledge and awareness to the people around and to educate people to find physical, mental, and emotional freedom.

“Yoga has provided me freedom and restores me as an individual in this vast universe. Here’s hoping the sharing of my practices and experience can allow you to find your own voice, freedom and rejuvenation.”