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Being soaked in sweat has never looked so great in trendy and modest sportswear, yoga attire, and affordable activewear.

Unless you’re a yogi burning it out in a prenatal or hot yoga class or hitting the streets for outdoor running, the clothing you choose should make or break your routine.

Clearly, it’s all in your head, but selecting the right yoga outfit for an active lifestyle or even everyday wear may keep you feeling unstoppable in the studio, which is why many take their exercises as seriously as our apparel. Also, with the athleisure trend in full swing, fitness enthusiasts are whisking us all from work to the yoga studio.

If you’re seeking to look fabulous while working out, browse out our ultimate guide gym clothing shops in Singapore and what to look for when picking the right gear.

Choosing the Right Workout Clothes and Where to Find Them

The finest workout clothes are intended to make exercising as comfy as possible while still delivering sufficient support. Forget about fancy brands or the current new trendy styles. Here are a few of the best sellers of cheap activewear garments that are suitable for even high intensity workouts:

Gym Wear Movement

Gym Wear Movement must be your first destination if you’re seeking inexpensive activewear with high support. The average cost of their joggers, leggings, and pants is $53, around 20% less than the typical gym wear brand in Singapore. Gym Wear Movement competes Lululemon’s enormous athletic assortment with 15 legging designs, 51 sports bras, and a wide choice of colour options, making customising your pilates or yoga aesthetic more straightforward.

Fitta Active

Fitta Active was established by siblings Debbie and Jamie to provide inexpensive, high-quality, and diverse sizes. Choose from brightly coloured sports bras, tights, shorts, flowy tank tops, and crop tops. Selected goods are available in sizes up to 3XL.

Anya Active

Anya Active’s ethos has our hearts. Anya, which translates to “grace,” is about treating your body with respect and being yourself the most refined embodiment. Breathable shorts, leggings featuring pockets, and tank tops can help you get the most out of your HIIT, yoga, or aerobic workouts.

These products, made of sweat-wicking and elastic material, allow you to maximise your range of motion no matter what workout you’re doing. Also, each piece is put through a series of tests. The garments are available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL.

Yumi Active

Yumi Active should be on your radar for a few reasons. The pieces are made with tailored miSkin, a light performance material that is breathable and very comfortable, and quick-dry technology, so you won’t feel nasty after working up a sweat. Plus, the exquisite pattern themes inspired by East Asian blossoms and the sleek mesh collections aren’t to be overlooked.


For its steep average selling price of $108 for a pair of leggings, K.BLU is the most expensive of the local brands we looked at. Still, you may note that the $15 price tag on its sports bras tells a different narrative. With this deal, the retail cost for a single gym outfit will be $123 and is only $10 as much as the typical local brand’s outfit ($113) and 47% less than the usual Lululemon ensemble ($232).


When Nawal Alhaddad realised that her hijab was interfering with her workouts in 2018, she decided to find more accessible activewear for Muslimahs. Anywhere along the process, she started Glowco, and the rest followed.

You’ll get comfortable and stylish modest activewear at this Singapore clothing store. Non-slip scarves and sports hijabs with stretchy fabrics, earphone-friendly inlets, and other comprehensive activewear international brands are included in this category.


You’ve probably seen this label on your Instagram feed already anyway. But, you might wonder what sets this activewear brand apart from the rest. To begin with, this local activewear in Singapore offers a wide selection of stylish, inexpensive, buttery soft activewear with an “Asian fit.”

The sizes available here are significantly larger than those supplied by other athleisure businesses, spanning XXS to XXL. Hence, get your pieces immediately if you’ve got your eye on a set.

Pure Apparel

Its community-inspired sportswear understands what we want: adaptable fabrics that allow us to challenge ourselves to the limit at every workout. Even if you’re seeking a support structure or relaxed-fit style, there’s something for everyone. T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and leggings are available for men and yoga mats, towels, bottles, and dry bags.

Vivre Activewear

The days of battling with too-long tights are now over Vivre Activewear. These professionals cater to Asian body types. The double-layer tops, on the other hand, are our favourites. They’re perfect for grab-and-go days whenever you’re preparing your gym bags instantly, as they include a sports bra incorporated into the top.

Base Athletica

Those black fitness activewear trousers with front mesh panels that expose skin in all the right areas? Base Athletica is where you can get them. They carry various contemporary brands, including well-known Australian names and a few select men’s items. It’s a one-stop sports shop in Mecca, with ultra-trendy sports bags and other accessories and protein powder and snacks.

What to Look For in Yoga Clothing? 5 Things You Should Know

It’s difficult enough to perfect a downward dog or take a new balance pose at the yoga class, but it’s made more difficult when wrestling with drooping, tight yoga clothes. As a result, it’s critical to invest in breezy, flexible, and comfortable clothing.

Yoga outfit selections are determined mainly by personal preference and the type of yoga you intend to practice. Yet, at a high level, here’s what you should think about when it comes to yoga attire:


If you love yoga, there’s a strong chance you also care about the environment and believe in spiritual practice. You may be worried about where your clothes come from and what they’re composed of. Adopt a women’s yoga top made entirely of recycled materials, so you can feel good about your purchase while also helping to save the earth. Many yoga clothing is built with polyester-nylon-spandex blends, and for a reasonable cause: these materials provide the ideal combination of comfort, freshness, and flexibility.

Flexible and Stretchy

In transitioning into various poses, it involves a lot of bending in a yoga stretch. The last thing you might likely experience while you workout is your activewear ripping! Make sure the item you’re about to purchase has at least a 2-way flexibility, but preferably a 4-way stretch. Search for sports bras and leggings with 4-way stretch, meaning they will move with you and enable you to bend and twist as much as you desire.


It may sound self-evident, but nothing is worse than hating your routine or yoga class as you’re wearing terrible fitness clothing. You might not want to fixate on itchy seams and tags, droopy or overly tight waistbands, or apparel that binds and cringes as you tune in to your body. Cotton absorbs moisture, making you hot and damp and vulnerable to chafing or becoming chilly as class ends.

Secured, Opaque Clothes

If you’re going to a yoga class and will be twisting and bending, ensure your leggings aren’t see-through. Check them out until you buy them, or verify the reviews if you’re buying online and see if any buyer has had the same issue. Leggings should be high-quality enough material to remain opaque even when bending over and not so tight as unpleasant.

Overall Look

Ultimately, you should enjoy wearing your new fitness attire! It’s all too easy to buy items in a hurry, based only on pricing, free shipping, a friend’s advice, or the popularity of the workout tops and leggings.

Now, if you thought about it, how do they look at you specifically? There is no such thing as a “one size fits all”. Also, some yoga gear will suit some people better than others. Consider sports tops, yoga tops, and leggings that look good on you and compliment your body to feel more confident during the class, but avoid anything too tight.

Find Your Neat, Comfy Activewear Match

Regardless if you want high-end brands and fashionable activewear, there are plenty of brands for yoga Singapore that can cater to your needs. Hence, look at some great local brands before you dash to Lululemon’s online marketplace for your next athletic purchase. Choosing stylish capris and leggings that flawlessly integrate comfort, aesthetics, and efficiency could save you a few hundred bucks.

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