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Warm Stretch

Yoga stretch is a slower paced class. Starting with Sun salutations to warm up your body, the class gradually moves into emphasis on various parts of body muscle such as the shoulders, hamstrings, pelvis and hips. With guided breathing techniques, it allows students to relieve tightness and works to increases flexibility and mobility. Props are used in class to further enhance and deepen into the stretch. A great class for those who needs to improve their flexibility or relieve their sore neck/shoulder. Or if you are doing lots of cardio exercises, this class is definitely recommended to help relieve those tight muscles. This class is conducted in a heated room of around 30 degrees.

Suitable for everyone

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Healing Yoga with Us

This relaxing routine is conducted in a mildly heated room focusing on balance and easing tension. This warm room yoga style is also known as healing yoga, for the health benefits it brings. This style uses breathing and poses with gentle stretching to warm up the body just enough to strike a balance between energized and refreshed.

Relax and Release with Yoga

Warm stretch yoga focuses on loosening and erasing stress in the body. Sweatbox Yoga’s curriculum is focused on easing the bodies from tension - both from internal muscles, and external stress from daily life. Relieve both mind and body with Sweatbox Yoga’s Warm Stretch classes.

Convenient Yoga Locations

Our yoga studios in Tanjong Pagar, Orchard, and Bukit Timah are convenient locations in Singapore. Nestled right near the centre of Singapore, feel free to hang out in the trendy locations near the studios right after a session. Yoga studios are readily accessible via public transport.

3 Reasons Why Warm Stretch May Be Fit For You

Eases tension and stiffness

Warm stretch yoga works well in relieving the muscles from tension and stiffness from work and exhaustion. It helps the muscles relax gently through a series of poses and breathing. In this yoga style, poses are held for a longer duration allowing the muscles to release all tension and ache.

Stimulates hormones

The temperature and the poses also focus on stimulating the hormones to promote both physical and mental relaxation. Poses are done for longer durations in warm stretch yoga allowing more time for heat to be absorbed by the body, to maximize the benefits of the routine and the warm room. The heat absorption benefits not only the muscles but also the lymph nodes, which stimulates hormones and speeds up detoxification.

Tones the muscles

This routine is also often used as a gentle yoga warm-up to tone the body for a more energized and refreshed feeling. Warm stretch yoga is a great start for optimizing the mind and body. The routine and the warm temperature allow the muscles to be a little looser and more flexible.