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Hot 26 Bikram Original Hot Yoga Classes

Bikram Hot Yoga (60 Minutes)

Based on a system of 26 postures and two breathing exercises executed in a slightly different sequence in a room heated to 35-38 degrees Celsius, and incorporates flowing several of the positions. This traditional yoga class is designed to build strength, stamina, and flexibility regardless of experience, skill level, or present health. The heat contributes to toxin disposal through sweat, increases blood flow, and speeds up metabolism, all of which contribute to a sense of well-being.

Bikram Hot Yoga (90 Minutes)

Bikram yoga is hot yoga, but even hotter. This system, created by yogi Bikram Choudhury, is a traditional Hatha yoga techniques derivative consisting of 26 postures and two breathing techniques. All poses are systematically done in a precise sequence.

Typically runs for a duration of 90 minutes, Bikram yoga is practised in a heated room of 35–42 °C (95–108 °F) with 40% humidity. The heat works systematically on every body part to stretch, cleanse, and reduce stress while ensuring that the muscles and organs stay in top shape.

While this may appear to be a strenuous fitness regime, Bikram yoga is a cleansing practise that improves strength, flexibility, and mental discipline.

Sweat Level


Bikram And Much More

Continuously gaining popularity in Singapore, numerous hot and Bikram yoga variations have evolved. Sweatbox Yoga studio classes in other styles in addition to these main exercises, provide an array of physical and mental benefits. For beginners in the yoga world, the first yoga studio to seek is definitely Sweatbox Yoga!

Enjoyable Heated Classes

Bikram yoga offers a range of benefits for both your mind and body. With the utilisation of heated rooms, students benefit from a stimulating body cleansing process through sweating. All the classes at Sweatbox Yoga studio are designed to be inclusive and interactive. Once you start moving at your own pace, engulf yourself within the depth energy of yoga.

Bikram Yoga For All

Here at the Sweatbox Yoga studio, students of all levels will benefit significantly from our classes, courtesy of the amount of care and guidance our instructor pours into the practice. Our courses and instructors empower you to develop strength and flexibility at your own pace in a safe, systematic, and stimulating community. Learning to be honest and present on the mat becomes part of our daily routine as we progress in a dynamic environment.

Why Should You Try Bikram Yoga Classes?

Increases Strength and Lose Weight With Yoga

Although doing yoga in a heated setting might be challenging, some of the benefits may be worth it, mainly improving your strength and burning more calories. While one can expect strength gains in your triceps, shoulders, biceps, quadriceps, and glutes, each of the 26 postures demands core activation. Thus, hot and Bikram will also help naturally build core strength and stability. Burn up to 1,000 calories per session in our yoga class during a 90-minute session. Also, the benefits of breathing, strength, and flexibility will help with fitness and weight loss.

Detox, Refresh, and Boost Flexibility

Stretching while muscles are warm, as in Bikram, improves muscular flexibility and increases joint range of motion. While it may be difficult, conscious practice can develop a muscle memory system. Certain positions, especially those that demand deep stretching, are simpler to adopt when you’re flexible. In addition, because of the optimal temperature for each class, yoga increase sweating and replicate the immune response’s elevated body temperature. On top of these factors, the extreme heat in the studio means you’ll sweat away and purge a lot of toxins, making you feel lighter and more energised.

Improves Memory and Concentration

While practising the 26 yoga positions, it’s essential to maintain a steady breathing pattern. Yoga is immensely important to the circulatory system. Stretching during asanas aids to revitalise and oxygenating the blood by pranayama (yoga breathing). Several yoga postures that include inversions also help to improve blood circulation to the brain. Improved blood circulation indicates that more oxygen enters the brain, enhancing awareness, concentration, and memory. Explore the interactive community of hot yoga Singapore with Sweatbox Yoga!


Is hot yoga good for you?

To mention a few, the most prominent primary health benefits of Bikram yoga or yoga, in general, are flexibility, stress relief, and muscle strength – all of which are proving to be good for the body. Also, this yoga aids in the burning of calories, the development of bone density, and the improvement of cardiovascular fitness. Sweating in yoga practice helps rid the body of toxins and increase blood circulation.

Can you lose weight by doing hot yoga?

Any activity that raises the heart rate helps burn calories, which leads to weight loss. Bikram yoga is known as one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Performing yoga poses in a heated environment can raise heart rate, thus burning more calories throughout the practice.

Can I do hot yoga at home?

Creating an at-home yoga room for many practitioners might be challenging. Although, it’s not impossible practising yoga at home! Since most studios become unavailable, instructors teach yoga sessions virtually. Choosing the smallest space in your home is recommended where heaters can control the temperature. Here, creativity is crucial to be explored!

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