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Core Flow

CORE FLOW CLASSES FOR BEGINNER AND ADVANCED YOGIS Why take core classes? It’s hardcore, baby. This is a class with a strong focus on the core muscles – And not just the abdominals. The core is our mid-section of the body, including the obliques, and lower back muscles. Training these muscles will improve posture, and provide support for your spine. This in turn helps increase overall stability, and helps in inversions like sirsasana (headstand) and sarvangasana (shoulderstand). Core Flow is a wonderful way to strengthen the core, while incorporating the meditative aspect of yoga mind at the same time.

Sweat Level


Intensive Physical Yoga

Sweatbox Yoga has classes that are tailored for the building and conditioning of physical strength - and this class is one of them. Carefully tailored to get students stronger session by session, the results of this class could amaze anyone. The main focus is to build strength, confidence, and posture.

Balance Physical and Mental

Yoga is built on breathing and meditation, on balancing not only the physical but also the mental, and on engaging and warming up the muscles for improved overall health. Yoga is for everyone, and the styles mentioned above require no experience at all. After all the hustle and bustle of modern times, it is a must to hit pause and take a moment to relax the mind and the body.

Certified Yoga Teachers

Sweatbox Yoga studio’s instructors are trained professionals that are able to guide each student to harness his/her potential. A good lesson plan goes a long way in building confidence and empowerment - all trained teachers aim to focus on bringing out the best in everyone via the practice of Yoga.

Why Core Flow Yoga Workshops Are Always Recommended

Strengthening the core

This style is yoga for core strength; it is encouraged to engage and strengthen the core as it is fundamental to almost every yoga style. The core muscles include those in all sides of the abdomen as well as those stretched around and up the back. Core flow yoga uses a series of core exercises and static poses that stretch the core to strengthen and stabilize it. One lesson core flow yoga instructors always highlight is the vital role of core strength not just in different yoga styles but also for every movement we do in our daily routine. Strengthening the core helps in improving the efficiency of movements and body energy use.

Boosting spinal integrity

This core-strengthening yoga supports spinal integrity. Every transition and pose engages the core and trains it to become stronger to be able to support the internal organs and the whole body better, especially the spine. In core flow yoga, a series of poses and exercises are done stretching the muscles in all directions, to increase flexibility and strength. This way, the core muscles are optimized for a stronger and stable core and spine.

Improving postural support

Core flow yoga studio routines and poses focus on strengthening the core to relieve the spine from tension and improve posture. Core flow yoga involves repeating routines and poses for longer durations and varying intensities to stabilize and strengthen the core for better posture.