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Power Pilates (Core Mat)

Pilates is similar to yoga but emphasizes your body core, the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, butt and so on. It’s a method of exercise that consist of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. In addition to traditional Pilates mat practice, our Power Pilates program emphasizes balance, control, and core strength for ultimate fat-burning. This class is suitable for all levels.

Power through a targeted Pilates practice to help you lose weight and tone your muscles.

We strongly recommend those attending this class to wear Pilates socks with grip.

Power Pilates is only available in our Toa Payoh Fitness Studio.

Sweat Level


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In our Sweatbox Yoga studio, you'll break a sweat in this class, which focuses on core strength and fat burn. Perform classic Pilates exercises while also applying the Power Pilates concept across your entire body, including over 500 structured movements designed to strengthen your muscles at all fitness levels.

Top Pilates Instructors in Singapore

Our great studio provides a wide range of classes that will allow you to transform your body by shedding fat and gaining muscle. Employing our Pilates equipment, our friendly instructors also treat and stress the underlying structural abnormalities in the body that cause chronic pain. It addresses concerns such as a lack of core support, pelvic instability, musculoskeletal imbalances, and greater mobility to improve posture.

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With Sweatbox fitness programs, our purpose is to elevate people's lives by creating an inclusive environment where they can improve their well-being, fitness and boost health benefits. We've developed a personal, non-intimidating, and welcoming setting where you can get private and small group Power Pilates matwork training for all levels of physical fitness.

3 Reasons Why Power Pilates Is the Best Yoga Choice

Alleviate Back Pain

Power Pilates focuses on contracting and releasing the inner abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, accurately measuring muscular strength. Such muscles serve as a brace, lifting and supporting the organs while protecting and stabilizing the back.

Develops Body Awareness

Pilates is a mind-body exercise that improves proprioception or awareness of one’s body. The capacity to direct your attention inward and attend to the senses in your body increases your consciousness of comfort or discomfort, emotions, and your surroundings. Proprioception improves the body’s ability to react to stimuli, which can help prevent injuries and falls.

Enhances Core Strength

Power Pilates focuses on the core, the body’s centre, from wherever all movement originates. The core comprises all of the muscles that surround the trunk and hold and stabilize the body when they are solid and flexible. Pilates strengthens and functions the core, which is a crucial element in reducing back and hip discomfort, pelvic floor dysfunction and is the source of explosive movement, earning it the name “the powerhouse.”


Is Power Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

Power Pilates is a prominent low-impact workout. It allows an individual to tone up, build lean muscle, and improve posture. Pilates can be beneficial to your health and can assist you in maintaining a healthy weight. On the other hand, Pilates may not be as helpful as other aerobic workouts like jogging or swimming for weight loss.

Does Power Pilates Slim Your Waist?

If you want to get a smaller waistline while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Power Pilates is a terrific solution. It engages your abdominal muscles, particularly the six-pack, waist, and deep abdominal muscles. It results in a smaller waist and a flat stomach, better posture, and a healthy physique.

Is Power Pilates Better for Cardio or Strength Training?

Weight training is excellent for developing more muscular muscles, while Power Pilates is best for growing lean and functioning muscles, especially if you lift hard with few reps. Pilates can also give the body a great cardio exercise by itself. It’s mostly a strength-training program, but it’s simple to incorporate cardio.

How Often Should I Do Power Pilates in a Week?

Like many other exercise regimens, Power Pilates should be done three times each week at the very least. You can, instead, attend up to 4 or 5 Pilates courses per week to enhance your body’s strength, increased mobility, and stamina.

How Long Is Each Power Pilates Class? Is 20 Minutes a Day of It Enough?

The whole traditional Pilates mat workout takes roughly 45 minutes at a good tempo. You’ll also need some warm-up time and, ideally, some integration time in the latter. Add in the fact that you’ll undoubtedly sweat and need to shower and change. A thorough Pilates workout, without question, requires some time.

Although it is not required to practice Pilates every day to gain the benefits, the originator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, intended to do so for at least 10 minutes each day. So no, 20 minutes a day is insufficient.