Patricia - Instructor of Bikram Yoga | Sweatbox Yoga


Patricia began practicing yoga in 2003 as a means to keep fit and stay trim but it is the unexpected mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that came along with the practice that got her hooked. Corporate mindset and life then prevented her from a regular practice; but she always returns to the mat whenever she felt overwhelmed by the rigors of life or just to center herself.

In 2010, Patricia decided to challenge herself with a form of yoga that she hated (yes….hated, vowed never ever again after a disastrous 1st class in 2005): Hot Yoga…..and what’s hotter than Hot Yoga? The Bikram original hot yoga — Bikram Yoga of course!

At the end of her 2nd Bikram Yoga class, there was no looking back. After 18 months of regular practice, Patricia embarked on a three-month Bikram Yoga certification course in Los Angeles under the founder Bikram Choudhury (Yoga College of India), Prof. (Dr.) P.S. Das-Yoga therapy, Dr Jim Preddy & Jon Burras-Anatomy.

To further her understanding of anatomy and yoga, Patricia also attended renowned author Leslie Kaminoff’s (Yoga Anatomy) workshop. In 2017, she added 30 hours of Yoga Anatomy & Myofacial Release with Dr Byran Lau and 200 hours Hatha Yoga Training with Master Dev Dapil in Singapore [World Yoga Champion 2008-9].
In November 2019, she trained under Jo Phee [a senior Teacher Trainer for Yin Yoga teachers around the world and the primary assistant to Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley, and a long time student and registrar for Sarah Powers trainings in Asia.] and Joe Barnett’s [senior teaching assistant of Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga founder] last collabrative 200 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Followed closedly in March 2020 with a 60 hours AcuYin Teacher Training Module with Joh Phee (creator of AcuYin) and in June 2020, during the worldwide Covid-19 pandamic quarantine, Patricia also attended 8 hours of Fascia Research Online Summit.
Patricia believes that yoga is a personal and individual journey of self-realization. She hopes to be a guide to helping others achieve a mind-body connection as well as elevating one’s self-awareness through her classes.. She loves yoga because it makes her feel good, look great and allows her to eat more cream cakes.