Ling - Instructor of Bikram (Hot 26) Yoga | Sweatbox Yoga


Saowanit or you can call her by her nickname Ling. She’s originally from Bangkok and has relocated to Sydney for work in November 2009 where she started her Bikram Yoga journey. Starting with the ten-day trial pass, she quickly learned to love Bikram (Hot 26) Yoga and continued practicing regularly because of the many positive effects she felt: – curing her migraine, strengthening her body, calming her mind and eliminating negative attitudes, and improving her concentration

Initially, she thought the Hot 26 series would be boring because of the repetitiveness of the same 26 postures. However, she found it challenging that each day her body responds to the postures differently: “one day I can do the standing bow perfectly, the other day I can’t even balance myself on one leg. My practice is different every day. When practicing yoga, I want everyone to have fun and to smile in the class. No matter who and how experienced you are, as long as you have the right attitude, keep on trying and never give up, you get the maximum benefit. I would encourage you to try Bikram (Hot 26) Yoga as I’m sure it can change your life with a positive impact.

“Come and sweat with me in the hot room!”