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The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga For Pregnant Women

You might be thinking that doing yoga during pregnancy is out of the question. Who would expect a woman carrying a child to exercise, anyway? Is it not dangerous for her or the baby?

Do not worry—that is exactly why prenatal yoga exists. A prenatal yoga class is where pregnant women exercise their bodies by doing certain yoga poses and stretching. This type of yoga is meant to help women deal with the effects and changes that take place in their bodies in the process of them carrying their babies in their tummies. It is meant to strengthen them physically and also somehow psychologically. This way, women can still be a little physically active without endangering their unborn child.

Take note, not all yoga poses are meant for those experiencing pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is the one, in particular, that was made dedicated to helping pregnant women.

Read this article further to see what else you need to know about prenatal yoga!


When should you start doing prenatal yoga?

If you have never done yoga before in your life and it’s your first time, it is highly recommended not to do yoga during the first trimester of your pregnancy. This is a period when nausea and morning sickness is pretty much present so getting too physically active is not a good idea.

However, just because you can’t do the poses yet does not mean you can’t do anything at all. During the first trimester, you can try doing breathing exercises that are good for you. You can even do them sitting down. After that, you can eventually join a class and execute the prenatal yoga poses with the guidance of a yoga teacher.


What are the benefits of prenatal yoga for pregnant women?

Engaging in a prenatal yoga class provides a lot of benefits that your body is going to need, especially when it comes to giving birth. Prenatal yoga practice involves doing every kind of pose that will contribute to the strengthening and betterment of your physical condition. Being pregnant puts the woman in a very delicate position and there are many side-effects to it which include both physical and mental issues.

Engaging in prenatal yoga will help a soon-to-be mother become more prepared for labor. She is going to have better chances to endure the changes brought about by her pregnancy especially the aches and pains. This yoga program is a proven therapy for soon-to-be mothers and will also serve as a good distraction for them from their pregnancy-related worries.

Here are the benefits of prenatal yoga:

Helps relieve pregnancy issues

There are a lot of possible discomforts when you are in a state of pregnancy. There are a lot of pregnancy side effects or manifestations such as nausea, insomnia, lower back pain, headache, shortness of breathing, high blood pressure, constipation, and fatigue. It is unfortunate but normal that women go through all these types of things which is why it is very important to take care of their bodies and nourish them.

Joining prenatal yoga classes is one of the things that could greatly help relieve pregnancy discomforts such as those mentioned above. It is a workout that is good for the overall health of the woman during pregnancy. It makes them feel better from the pain they experience.

Toning your muscles

Muscles are the very support that you need when you are pregnant. Carrying another person in your body means carrying another person’s weight, so it is important to strengthen and tone your muscle groups. There are poses in prenatal yoga such as the gentle backbends and lunges that can help tighten those muscles just right. Having toned muscles that are not too tight nor too lax will enable you to endure the aching feeling you might get now and then during your pregnancy.

Preparing you for childbirth

Prenatal yoga practice is not just a way to strengthen your body but also your mind and spirit. As a future mother, it is normal to experience some stress and anxiety and sometimes the fear of labor. Delivering a baby is never easy which is why it may cause you to feel quite tense. The good thing about prenatal yoga, compared to regular yoga, it is dedicated to helping every pregnant woman feel more calm and relaxed. The deep and mindful breathing techniques involved in prenatal yoga sessions can ease the tension that moms, especially first-time moms, might be experiencing. It helps them prepare internally for what’s to come. Being too stressed or anxious can cause their bodies to tighten up.

Supporting your body changes

Change is inevitable especially when it comes to the body during pregnancy. You start to get bigger and parts of the body just get swollen sometimes. Most importantly, the fact that a human being is growing inside your belly is a major change that your body will be adapting to. It is important to take prenatal yoga classes to make sure that your physique can handle the many changes that will be taking place.

Bonding you and your baby

Doing prenatal yoga isn’t just for the sake of engaging in exercise during pregnancy. It is also about establishing a deeper connection between the mother and the baby. Prenatal yoga teaches every future mom how important it is to take care of her body for the smooth delivery of her child. This way, mothers also learn the importance of caring and bonding with their baby. It makes you feel much closer to them even if they’re not born yet.

Forming friendships with like-minded parents

Another one of the benefits of prenatal yoga is being able to meet other moms. It is more motivating to workout and to learn when you are surrounded by people who are having the same experience as you. This yoga class lets you be a part of a community where you can feel inspired. It becomes like your very own support group where you give each other advice and share your experiences to grow together for the better. It is a great environment that will positively affect your physical and emotional stability as a new mother.

A healthier pregnancy

There was research that proved that pregnant women who take prenatal yoga classes regularly have more chances to deliver a healthy baby. Getting your body physically strengthened keeps you away from stress and hence makes it more possible for you to have safe and smooth labor. The relaxation brought about by prenatal yoga makes it easier for pregnant women to endure the difficulties that are encountered during pregnancy.


What can you expect from prenatal yoga classes?

There are lots of classes under prenatal yoga. If it’s your first time joining, you need to understand how it works so you can be ready beforehand.

Here’s what you need to know about what happens during a prenatal yoga class:

An introduction

At the very start of the class, your yoga teacher will be asking questions about you and the status of your condition. You have to tell him or her about the things that you have been experiencing with your pregnancy such as the aches and pains. The instructor will also be asking you about your worries, concern, and which body parts you would like to especially work on during the exercise. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know the other moms in the class as well.

Deep breathing exercises

Shortness of breath is one of the downsides during pregnancy. That is why at a typical prenatal yoga class, you will get to do a lot of breathing techniques. An instructor will guide you on breathing in and out slowly through your nasal area. This will be greatly beneficial especially when you are starting to feel contractions during your labor.

Various poses

You will be doing different kinds of poses and postures whether you’re sitting, standing, or even lying down on the yoga mat. These yoga poses aim to strengthen your body including your muscles, lower back, joints, core, and many more. It will also improve your flexibility and balance. These poses were made safe enough for pregnant women to do. Some poses will require the use of props such as cushions and blankets to support you and make you feel more comfortable.


Doing gentle stretches are a major part of a prenatal yoga class. Here, the yoga teacher encourages the student to gently move and extend the different parts of their body. Stretching is important to make the body stronger and more flexible but always remember to move around with care.

Cooling down

The last part of every routine is the cooldown where you get to relax your body after doing all the postures. You have to relax your muscles and to normalize your resting heart rate. You can close your eyes, pay more attention to your breathing, and maybe even say a mantra to yourself as you slowly indulge your mind and body towards relaxation.


How to stay safe during a prenatal yoga class?

Although yoga during pregnancy is allowed, there is no harm in being extra careful. Pregnancy can make you more vulnerable than usual so always make sure to take precautions whenever you join a prenatal class. You can begin by letting your yoga teacher be aware of your condition and every little detail about it so he or she knows exactly how to guide you.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe during a prenatal class:

Keep yourself hydrated.

Always drink plenty of water. You can bring a jug or tumbler with you so whenever you feel like hydrating again, there is no hassle. It helps when you are drinking water while exercising. It rejuvenates and reenergizes you.

Avoid poses that involve backbends, twists, abdominal efforts, and lying on your back.

Not every yoga pose is allowed during pregnancy. You can do some research beforehand on which poses you are and are not eligible to do. Keep in mind that backbends, twists, and other poses involving ab work may cause you to fall.

Lying on your back when you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy is also a no-no because you are carrying the weight of another human being inside of you. You can exercise but don’t forget about your body’s limitations so you will not injure yourself in the process.

No hot yoga

Doing hot yoga or Bikram yoga is not advisable during pregnancy. The intense heat may cause negatively affect women’s neural tubes and may also cause a feeling of dizziness or nausea.


Ready to experience prenatal yoga?

Now that you know a lot more about the prenatal yoga program through this article, are you ready to try joining one?

The journey of pregnancy is a difficult but beautiful one. Women who are about to give birth are experiencing challenges when it comes to their physical conditions but the important thing is for them to know exactly what to do about it. Prenatal yoga classes exist for the sake of providing future moms with the help, support, and relaxation that they need to face childbirth smoothly.

It will help them reduce stress and endure the other negative effects of pregnancy. It will help them connect more with their body and their baby. You just have to find the best class with a yoga teacher and a group that will give you the kind of support that you and your baby need.

Prenatal yoga sessions provide a lot of benefits to the health of a pregnant mom and her baby. Giving birth to a child will be endured more if women consistently practice a healthy diet and exercise.

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