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Alignment-Based Yoga

Iyengar Yoga emphasises the time and precision of yoga poses with equipment, concentrating on optimal alignment. Consider trying the yoga modern yoga alignment classes if you’ve gone to yoga sessions but are still confused about how to practice the yoga postures correctly.

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Our alignment-based yoga Singapore practice will flow from posture to pose quickly and simply like meditation in action. Find an asana practice at Sweatbox Yoga that addresses the poses with precise and correct alignment, strengthening your own body and resulting in complete comprehension of each pose.

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Alignment Flow Yoga improves bone, muscle, and connective tissue strength. Our professional Iyengar yoga teacher accepts all ability levels, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Our yoga teachers are always available to assist students and tailor postures in fitting their skill level.

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Sweatbox Yoga offers an Iyengar practice suited for beginners without a yoga background searching for vigorous physical and mental exercise. Essential standing and seated postures are covered, as well as basic backbends and the right direction for inversion poses.

3 Reasons Why Alignment-Based Yoga Is the Best Choice

Establishes a Safe Practice

Sprains and strains can be prevented through an excellent functional alignment. It’s crucial to know how to align yourself in a position by being mindful how the body feels with various movements and in different positions. Working with a skilled instructor or putting fundamental principles into practice are excellent places to start if you want to stay informed and improve your body awareness.

Improves the Body's Connection

It takes time to build a greater sense of self-awareness, but it can significantly impact your overall health. The process can be sped up and deepened by practising yoga with alignment. Finding routines that work and feel comfortable for you as a person is critical, and this may necessitate further information.

Maximises The Benefits of Yoga Alignment and Practice

As you practice yoga with appropriate alignment, you will get more out of it than you would elsewhere. Increased strength, flexibility, concentration, energy, circulation, and stability are potential advantages. To maximise the physical benefits, alignment helps you focus, use props liberally, and stretch the right parts of the body, such as the front knee, spine, or shoulders.


What Is Special About Iyengar Yoga?

The three factors of Iyengar Yoga are alignment, sequencing, and timing. An alignment entails sustaining the intended stance while recognising the body’s limitations. Iyengar yoga assist students in using props to help them stay in yoga poses without risking injury.

How Many Poses Are There in Iyengar Yoga?

There are beyond 200 yoga poses, and Iyengar has systematised 14 forms of Pranayamas or breath control methods. Most postures have a common cue, and the stretches and breathwork are taught in a variety of ways. They can be straightforward or complex.

What Props Do You Need for Iyengar Yoga Classes?

Bricks, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, stools, sandbags, steel weights, wooden poles, back-benders, wall ropes, and the wall are just a few props used in Iyengar yoga.