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Combat Flow

Combat Flow (aka Warrior Flow) is an empowering body weight cardio workout that connects breathing techniques to movement. Inspired by martial arts, this class integrates elements from a variety of disciplines, from Boxing to Muay Thai, into an energizing and strengthening flow. It is a yoga practice that tests fitness with a combination of poses and asanas that engages muscles throughout the body, builds stability and improves endurance.

This is ideal for yoga practitioners who have built a solid foundation with their practice and are looking to work up a sweat.

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Try out Sweatbox Yoga classes in our premium yoga studio that is equipped with everything you need to power through a dynamic flow or give you the peace for a mellow session of gentle stretching. Designed with your comfort in mind, let our studios be the space you feel free to explore a new posture or sequence and be creative in your practice.

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Our Yoga Instructors can lead and assist you through poses of Warrior Flow that will engage your mind and strengthen your muscles. Instructors will give cues on when to move from one pose to another, following your inhale and exhale. Interested to take yoga lessons Singapore? We at Sweatbox Yoga are with you if you take up the challenge. Expert-led classes are designed to meet you at your fitness level and help you increase strength and achieve your fitness goals.

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At Sweatbox Singapore, we believe that all yoga practitioners would benefit from investing in their foundation so that their yoga practice will blossom into a lifelong journey. We offer classes that build you from the ground up, with basics to better understand asanas and poses to more challenging cardio workout flows with arm balances and splits such as Warrior Flow and Yin Yang. We invite you to take a class and treat our studios as a safe place to be creative and adventurous in your practice.

3 Reasons Why Combat Flow Yoga Is The Best Practice

Improves muscle strength and flexibility

Coordinating movement with your breath lets you focus on your movement and also provides an added stamina challenge to build your upper body and lower body strength. Balancing and holding poses while keeping in mind the right alignment will engage core muscles and build core strength. This helps improve balance and posture which is beneficial in both fitness and daily life. Meanwhile, stretches use a full range of movement allowing a deep stretch in your muscles, hips and the back of your legs increasing overall flexibility.

Improves endurance and energy

Dynamic movements build endurance through longer holds and deep breathing. These release tension from the upper body while increasing blood circulation and improving oxygen levels in the entire body. This also provides a boost of energy which increases awareness and concentration allowing you to be fully present in your practice and intentional in your movement.

Destress and Relax

Deep breathing releases bad energy, allowing a fresh flow to enter the body. Meditation and breathing techniques coupled with stretches effectively release stress from the shoulders and the spine. Gentle stretching opens up the heart centre which helps with proper breathing and relaxation.


How does Combat Flow Yoga differ from other types of yoga?

Warrior flow class integrates challenging movements to increase heart rate while strengthening the body. It is an energizing flow and is a practice that benefits from having a solid foundation of the basics of yoga.

Is Combat Flow Yoga good for beginners?

No. It uses dynamic poses that can be considered an advanced level and as such, it is recommended that beginners take up a few basic sessions before trying out Combat Flow.

How will Combat Flow Yoga prevent martial arts injuries?

Yoga and Martial Arts are complementary. Incorporating yoga and gentle stretching in your training will increase flexibility, improve blood flow and strengthen the body.