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Private Yoga Classes Singapore

Join our yoga studio as we help you prepare for motherhood through this art of yoga!

Prenatal Yoga classes involve breathing exercises, physical movements, and postures with the goal of helping women to manage uncertainties with the body and mind. Benefits of prenatal yoga include:

  • toning of muscles
  • building strength
  • maintaining flexibility
  • improving balance and blood circulation
  • reducing swelling, joint inflammation, back pain, prenatal blues, and insomnia

Join our prenatal yoga classes and feel inspired and nourished in a community sharing the experience of pregnancy and birth fused with the life-changing art of yoga. Each course is 6-weeks long in duration and the class is organized once weekly. You can repeat the course again after completion.

Note: 24 hours advance booking is required

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Private One-on-One Yoga Class

With private yoga classes, hone in on your objectives and gain tailored lessons centered on your health, fitness level, and lifestyle – all on your own schedule. Private yoga, also known as in-home yoga, is a systematic yoga teaching program that is personalized to your availability, location, and personal goals, all under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher. With the guidance of a professional private yoga instructor, students can focus mainly on their needs. Beginners can learn the fundamentals, while those advanced students can focus on their specialized needs in a far more supportive setting.

Private Yoga At Home

Private yoga classes allow practicality and convenience as private classes are delivered right at your doorstep. It's no longer necessary to be concerned about traffic or being late for class; for some, it's all about being anxious with group classes at the studio. Among the most important advantages of hiring a private yoga teacher is customizing and modifying the courses for students. The private yoga class can also help body awareness and calm the mind.

Why Private Yoga Class?

With private classes, you can work from the comfort of your own home. Choose your favorite yoga equipment. If you prefer, you can light incense. Adjust the lighting to your preference. It is all about establishing an environment that helps you feel at ease and peace. Taking the COVID-19 pandemic into consideration, in-person private yoga classes can be conducted virtually until further restrictions are lifted.

To Reduce Maternal Anxiety

Prenatal yoga classes focus less on the intensive parts of yoga, but more on achieving inner peace and calmness. Maternal stress can be debilitating, and some instructors who are mothers themselves can attest to this. There are significant doubts that can come to expectant mothers which can be tamed by gentle stretching and breathing techniques. Postnatal yoga in Singapore also helps remove maternal anxiety. Engaging in yoga classes will help you become more open and ready for the big changes that will be taking place in your life.

Flexible Schedule

Attending yoga classes at a studio can come with a slew of drawbacks, including figuring out how to fit a session into your schedule. On the other hand, private yoga sessions are arranged around your schedule. In some ways, it’s advantageous in terms of having complete control over your time and keeping your priorities in check while in a yoga class.

Tailored Needs

Yoga, at its core, is about adapting the discipline to the individual and not the other way around. Private Yoga class provides a structured approach to obtaining your goals. Those suffering from a medical condition or disability, for example, can receive individualized assistance tailored to their specific needs. There are instances when some yoga poses will simply make them feel worse. Hence, the yoga teachers will need to develop an ideal approach for teaching yoga.


How to Find Your Yoga Instructor Match?

Take the time to allow yourself to look for a private yoga teacher. Training with a yoga teacher who will accompany you on your journey and with whom you feel most comfortable can help a lot in the yoga practice. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert seeking to deepen your personal experience, our professional private instructors will collaborate to help you reach your goals.

How Much Do Private Yoga Lessons Cost?

Private yoga sessions are more expensive than those in a yoga studio. The cost of a private yoga class varies substantially depending on your location and the instructor’s experience. However, various factors will ultimately determine the price of a private yoga class. For instance, the weekly meeting schedule, duration, or required equipment.

What Types of Yoga Are Available With Private Yoga?

Private Yoga lessons are available in a range of common yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Yin Yang, Hatha, and others. Select the yoga style that best suits your needs. Feel free to share your preferences with your yoga teacher if you have concerns about a particular style or would like to try out a few different types to see what you enjoy.

What Can I Expect From a Private Yoga session?

You can have a personalized program suited to your demands in a Private Yoga class. The instructor will create routines that include your preferred styles and poses and will assist you in achieving your fitness goal.

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