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Hatha (Yoga Conditioning)

If you are looking for a productive break from traditional yoga classes, this class combines the mindfulness quality of yoga with functional mobility and strength training from other movement modalities. Expect to gain range of motion, strength and stability with thoughtful and experiential sequences which target specific areas of the body before moving into common yoga poses with the assistance or enhancement through the use of yoga block, yoga strap, myofascial ball or dowel. Suitable to all levels — even seasoned practitioners will pick up a few tips in this class. Join us at our yoga studio in Tanjong Pagar!

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New Teaching Pedagogy

Yoga Detour is a new and revolutionary teaching method that encourages teachers to integrate other physical workouts and training into their yoga programme. This yoga class brings extra benefits while preserving the tradition of Hatha.

Fun And Intense

Sweatbox Yoga encourages students to exert themselves in yoga class and have fun while doing so. We get students accustomed to the yoga lifestyle and have fun sustainably while losing themselves in the flow.

Yoga For All

Experienced yoga teachers will guide this session and ensure that students from all levels will learn from this class. Personal attention will be paid to yoga students to ensure that the difficulty levels are suitable for each and everyone in the class.


Bridging Modernity and Tradition

This yoga class integrates new movements and ideas with the traditional Hatha movements. This new yoga pedagogy encourages teachers and students alike to go past the ordinary asanas, and integrate blocks, straps and dowels into the routines. Such new integrative methods include combining lower body strength into standing postures to give students a more complete yoga experience. Hatha is transformed under the Yoga Detour teaching method, and Sweatbox Yoga cannot wait to show Singapore the benefits of such new ideas.

Full Body Yoga Workout

Yoga Detour Hatha students can expect a full-body workout in this yoga class. Upper body, lower body, core and flexibility are the main targets of this yoga series. The new Hatha class will be run at a slower pace to ensure that students are able to grasp each posture correctly and train their bodies correctly. Yoga students can expect an increase in bodily strength and stability under our expert guidance.

Stimulate Immune System

This yoga class is an effective cardiovascular workout. The stretching and the transition of movements as well as the practice of proper breathing techniques will get your heart rate up. Exercising cardio is essential in improving health and boosting the immune system. Having a strengthened immune system provides a better protection against diseases or illnesses. Practicing this type of yoga is best along with other forms of physical exercises such as jogging and walking for a stronger and healthier cardiovascular system.


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