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Inferno Hot Pilates

It’s the workout that blends hot yoga’s scorching temperatures with Pilates’ body-toning techniques. Is it, however, worth the effort?

Unlike traditional Pilates Reformer classes, Inferno Hot Pilates is a high-intensity, low-impact program that sculpts major muscle groups to increase calorie expenditure. Given that contemporary pilates exercises move quicker, the basis of the reformer pilates principles remains the same: practitioners are supposed to move with control and use the correct muscles.

Every practice is unique, with props ranging from a foam roller to a support cushion to a tiny ball. In our Pilates studios in Singapore, our qualified, enthusiastic instructors closely work with you all in each class to guarantee that you receive individualised attention and routines in a group setting.

Sweat Level


Hot Room Pilates

Hot Pilates is a rigorous full-body exercise based on the fundamentals of Pilates reformer classes. Its high-intensity, slow-paced style improves muscles without beating high-intensity workouts. Hot Pilates incorporates several adaptations and repetitions of Pilates core- and back-strengthening workouts. The high-intensity notion comes from mixing HIIT while also including breathe pilates.

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3 Reasons Why Inferno Hot Pilates Is the Best Yoga Choice

Strengthens the Core Muscles

Pilates focuses on the core in a precise and purposeful way. Back discomfort can be alleviated by having a solid core. When our core is weak, our lower back muscles might become tense. To support the spine, we must build strong, healthy muscles to sustain it in optimal alignment. The glute muscles are also involved. Also, the abdominal muscles that run down the front of the abdominal area are essential, but the underlying, more supporting muscles are vital. In the HIIT element of Hot Pilates, full-body routines engaging the core and a lot of alternative strengthening exercises are vital and valuable for spine health.

Incorporates HIIT

Hot Pilates integrates a great core workout with high-intensity interval training and strength exercises. You alternate between high-intensity cardio routines and recuperation periods in tiny spurts of time when you do HIIT. It raises your heart rate and is among the most well-known ways to burn several calories during class afterwards. After a hot Pilates class, euphoric endorphins flow through the body, generating a positive mood from feeling happy both inside and out.

Heat Is Beneficial

Hot Pilates stimulates your muscles from the start, improves flexibility, and minimises the chance of injury because the muscles are already heated. It is practised in a specialised yoga space or a hot environment and will cause you to sweat profusely. The room in the pilates studio is heated to 95°F (35°C) and humidified to 40%. Although each instructor and class will vary, this isn’t your regular Pilates fitness class. It integrates several techniques inspired by Joseph Pilates’ teachings, such as Stott pilates, prenatal pilates, group fitness classes, and various pilates mat exercises. Once the body is warm, the blood arteries widen, allowing more blood flow which alleviates pain. Toxins can be drained out of wounded body parts, allowing more mobility.


What Is Inferno HIIT?

Inferno Hot Pilates is a type of High Interval Training (HIIT) for the entire body in a heated environment on a yoga mat and towel while listening to upbeat music. The routines are slightly elevated to improve lean muscles while being low-impact to protect joints. The first 30 minutes are spent strengthening the core and activating the glutes, which aids in the relief of lower back discomfort and increase energy. The second part of the training provides quick results, grows long, lean mass, and burns calories for a total-body workout.

Is Inferno Hot Pilates a Good Workout?

Hot Pilates is a high-intensity full-body program based on pilates fundamentals. There is no stress, and it is a beneficial experience for students of all fitness levels. It also makes you feel happy and good.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Hot Pilates?

We encourage attending pilates classes 2-3 times per week, and you should notice the results, including increased flexibility, stability, and power, within 2–3 weeks.

Does Pilates Help With Belly Fat?

Pilates provides various health benefits, like enhanced core stability, balance and coordination, greater flexibility, and a reduced risk of lower back problems. Still, it will not help you shed belly fat. One can’t affect fat loss in a specific place because spot reduction isn’t achievable. You’ll need to practice higher-intensity activities that burn more calories to eliminate extra fat, while you can stay to do pilates to tighten muscles and get more defined abs.

Is Pilates Harder Than Yoga?

Pilates workouts are far more intensive than yoga, and the results can be seen much faster. A flatter and tighter tummy may be obtained with regular pilates routines. Some yoga poses should be avoided if you have back problems, as they can aggravate the condition.