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Yin Yang

An asana practice that combines strengthening and softening elements with the purpose of balancing the body. Students will experience both, an invigorating practice combined with long held deep stretches to cultivate a focused and meditative mind. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. Suitable for beginners and students with some yoga experience looking to balance their strength and flexibility.

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Selection of Yoga Styles

Sweatbox yoga does not only offer Yin Yang yoga, it also offers other varieties of diverse yoga styles and asanas. Experience a selection of yoga classes with quality instruction with us today.

The Go-To Yoga Community

Sweatbox yoga is building a strong yoga community where members can chat, give advice and even organise their own yoga session. Find new friends and connections through yoga with us.

Quality Yoga Guidance

Sweatbox yoga is a professional yin yang yoga studio, with yoga trainers certified by yoga organizations worldwide. All students will be under expert guidance.

Why Yin Yang Yoga Is The Best Of Both Worlds?

Combination of Two Yoga Styles

Get the best of both worlds of Yin and Yang yoga, two styles which are different, yet complementary. With exposure to both styles, students will benefit both from a relaxing sequence of postures from Yin, and then the more outward and action-focused Yang yoga. The Yin portions focus more on the deep, connective muscles in the body, while Yang is focused more on strength, blood flow and stamina. For an all-round wellness approach with yoga, Yin Yang yoga might be the best choice, with the breadth it covers.

Internal and External Balance

Yin yoga is a more gentle style focusing on joint flexibility and breathing. This portion involves long and deep stretches, concentrating on releasing stress from the practitioners’ mind. This prepares and puts students into a meditation-like state, which facilitates relaxation and release. This portion helps significantly in balancing the body. Yang yoga is more physical and puts emphasis on the rhythm of breathing during exercises. By following the body’s natural movements, Yang yoga can play a role in strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility.

Stress Resilience And Health Improvement

One direct benefit of both yin and yang yoga is the resistance to stress and physical improvements that the routine confers. The yin portions ensure that students learn how to combat anxiety when attempting stretch poses, which will also help improve body flexibility and loosen up previously tight tissues. At the same time, the yang portions which involve activity and exertion, assist in helping students erase lethargy from their body. The reason why yin and yang are a great combination together is that both yoga styles need to be done together to confer maximum benefits to its practitioners.